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I wrote this poem to my oldest daughter one year after her 11 year old daughter died in her sleep without any trace of illness. The poem was given to my daughter for Christmas this year.

Our Sarah

She shared with us with her style and grace,
so lovely, slim with smiling face.
Her hair was golden, her smile was warm,
to see her was to know her charm.

She loved her family most of all,
but shared herself with all who called,
and had no prejudice, or hate -
but accepted life just on her faith.

Her life was short but full of love,
for family, home and God above.
So short a time with us it seems,
no time to really fill her dreams.

But sometimes God has other plans,
that's different from we mortal man.
He uses us to fill his needs,
to do his work, to sow his seeds.

And so our Sarah's gone away,
a star in Heaven some would say.
Memories of her are wonderful you see,
a perfect vision of life that's free.
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24 Visitor Comments

That's a great poem. I lost my 18 year old sister in a car accident. She shared some of the same characteristics as Sarah. God bless you and your family.
omg i absolutley loved this poem. it means soo much, it explains pretty much what my friend Sarah edwards was like. she was only 17 when she past and gah do i miss her soo much! but this is all soo true. she had dated my brother for a year and 2 weeks and i juss knew they were gonna get married. gah i juss miss her soo much and i juss can relate to this poem a lot!
omg. i cant begin to explain my sorrow for you. May GOD Bless You Always and Forever! beautiful poem. :(
this poem really touch me i cryed because i never did reliza that car accide can be so sad when u lost some one u really love this pome is really great one that stood be in a book
This poem is amazing,it's been about 5 months since a friend of mine has passed away she was only 15 yrs old. The way your words in this poem remind me so much of her! I am sure your daughter and family loved this poem just as much as i do, things seem tough and are but hopefully it will get better.
thos poem remember me about my girlfriend,sarah, who died in a car addient. this poem tell so much about her. iin fact we use this poem at her funeral. i love u sarah. -Derek
hey, i really like this poem. it remindes me so much of so many important people in my life that i've lost. it really touched home.
This poem was the best poem that i have ever read I loved it.
this poems was great!
I liked this poem because it is describes what my friend was like before she died in a car accident a year and a half ago.
your poem was wonderful to read. It touched my heart. I also have lost a dear one, my daughter died 3 weeks ago leaving behind a 10 month old son. thank you so much for the poem
This is so beautiful. I lost my beautiful niece Sarah a little over 3 months ago and was so touched by your poem. God Bless you and your family always.
I am sorry about your loss i have lost a friend named sara and she died in a car accident and this poem sounds exacly like her and i miss her so much she died May 4 2002
I can really relate to this poems. my cousin died when she was only 9 years old. i was 8. and now 9 years later it still hurts to think about what things would be like if she was still alive. But God works in mysterious ways. keep on writing
I just wanted to say that i lost my best friend last year to a drunk driver and her name was Sara too. she sounds exactly like your Sarah. like an angel and i really really take your poem to heart. RIP SMC i love you
This poem really touched my heart.
This is absolutely beautiful and Sarah sounds like she was an angel before and now. The luck seemed to have gone both ways, to you for being blessed by her, and to Sarah for having a family to love her so much
I loved this poem...I lost a friend, Becky, also for an unknown reason. I love you Becky, Diana
this poem is a great and touching poem. it makes me think of a good friend of mine helen witty who passed away 3 months ago(June 1st 2000) I hope you get my e-mail thank you ~Ashley
rhis is a beautiful poem.
Thankyou so much for writing this poem. My cousin died when we were both 12 (1998) and this poem has given me a different perspective on death Thankyou again, Anna
I am young, but I know what you are going through. When I read this poem It reminded me of my cousin Pixie ( Penelope ) who passed away 2 years ago. She had Leukimia and even though we know what caused her death, it still seems like a mystery to me. I pray your family will recover from this tragic loss.
Most touching poem.
That poem was very very sad, I fell to my knees crying with sharp pains in my chest. No poem has ever made me do that before,because thats the saddest poem i have ever heard. Sorry About sarah

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