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This poem is about a friend of mine who died at the age of 20. Everyone knows that death isn't fair. We don't know how much we love the person until the person we love dies. We always move on, but we'll never be completely over it.

We All Know

We all know you're gone
and gone is forever.
I sometimes think I hear and see you,
then I think its not true
and it breaks my heart in two -
two pieces that slowly mend together,
month after month.
Memories are painful and also wonderful.
Why God wanted you now is something no one knows,
why you took his hand and left us all behind.
What we will always know and always show
is that you are a wonderful friend!
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15 Visitor Comments

Hi my best mate died a month ago from meningitis and she was only 18. As im only 18 im finding it very hard to deal with especially as she was only ill for 2 days. poems like this help me to realise what a great friend she was and that she will never be forgotten.
Thanks so much for this poem It made me cry when I thought of my friend Who got hit by a truck and that I miss so much!
this is a really sweet and sad poem and touches me deep just two days ago my big brother died and this poem really describes my feelings
The poem WE ALL KNOW by Keri Olson, was such a good poem, everytime i read it i think of my friend that died in a car accent about 6 months ago. Her poem has meaning to it, and what she express in that poem, is how i feel about my friend dying. so over all it was a great poem.
i was really sad what had happend to him i will always remember him as my guarding angel
this is a good poem. it's sad,but its true. my friend died almost a year ago. too young. may he rest in peace
this poem really is great. My friend just passes away 2-8-03 and he was 20 i loved him
That was a beautiful simple poem. I couldn't help it, I actually cried. I have lost so many friends at such a young age.
I'm doing a project for English and I'm a senior in high school. I chose "death" as atheme for my project and suddenly last week one of our classmates died in a terrible car accident on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury. I didn't know him personally but when I read this poem I felt the pain those who did know him are suffering. We all know what a good friend he was and hope that his soul is resting in peace.
i loved this best friends mom died three years ago and she was the best person in the world and i loved her bunches but she is all ways remembered in out hearts and i miss her alot
i liked your work on this poem a lot because i lost my uncle who was in his 20's as well and i really miss him and i know exactly how you feel. i think this poem was the best!
This poem captures the feeling of sadness felt by E author
This poem is lovely and it is so good to listen to things like that. please send me more of these!!!!
I love this poetry!!!
i lost my best friend when i was 15 i am now 21 but i will alway remember her and love her and more than anything miss her.

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