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This poem means a lot to me. My brother died when I was very young so I didn't have a chance to know him, and it may sound silly but I feel writing this poem brings me closer to him in some way because I feel in my heart that he can actually hear what I say can maybe see what I write.

Missing You

Do you look down at me in the night
Do you see my candle burning so big and so bright
The candle I burn that reminds me of you
The candle I hope that you would burn too.
Not a day goes by where I don't think of you
hoping that you'd come back so the days won't be blue.
I feel no one understands me, apart from you.
I go to your grave expecting a response
to the pointless questions I can't get across.
Though sometimes In my mind I forget that you're dead
but I'll make sure you keep living in my head
I love you so much it makes me so sad
that I can't hear you say it back - the one thing that would make me glad.
You probably think I'm silly when we didn't even know each other
But to me you'll always be my brother.
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48 Visitor Comments

My brother died 1 month ago. I am only 15 and i lost my brother. i am so thankfull that i got to spend so much time with him. But he was my gaurdian. My parents died and he tool care of me. Nw he is dead and i live with my aunt. i cant believe he is gone, when i wake up in the morning i still think that i can go jump on him to wake him up. He and i were very close. we wrote songs together and were like best friends. I really hate waking up every morning with the feeling that he is not here with me. I remember that he is still with me. because i can feel him. i still have so many thinks and all i can be is thankful. Insted of waking up to my brothers amazing voice, my boyfriend is there. It is a bittersweet life and i am learning to take it day by day I love you Bryan!
I really love this poeme, because I think I know how you feel. My father's wife was expecting a baby. My babybrother. But suddenly, there were some complications and an operation. She wasn't expecting a son anymore. And I wasn't expecting a little babybrother anymore. But I really have a strong feeling I know him, because I've seen him. (Echo) I loved him, I always wanted to have a little brother or sister. I wanted to get to know that babybrother/sister. So much! Unfortunately that's not going to happen anymore. It's very painfull, but by reading this poeme, I know I'm not the only one. Good luck!
A poem that truely touched my very soul. I too lost a brother. He was still born. He was born before me but I feel a huge connection with him. I am a sibling of four but He is the one i know is looking over me. I can feel him guiding me thru life. I cant wait to meet him. I will not be scared of deaths door because i know he will be there waiting too.
I Lost My Brother Last Year AndThis Poem Reminds Me Of Him As We Were'nt So Close.
I lov this poem . it relates 2me becus i lost my big brother 16days ago. He was only 17 nd im only 15 but we only got 2meet 4de 1st time 2yrs ago. I new him But ther was alot i didnt no about him. He did al the big brother tings lik he stuck up4me,Kept his friends away from me etc. But the one ting im glad of is tat we NEVER had a fight. We wer more lik friends. Nd the memories i hav are al good. my heart is broken but i dont feel lik hes gone. Tanks u for ur poem it means alot to me 2. R. I. P Shane xxxxxxx
this poem make me remember my grandmother. I did not meet her that why this poem is for her. peoper told me things about her thats all.
i love this poem it realy cuts deep my brother died before i was boren so i can relate
I loved this poem. it reminds me soo much of my best friend matt. but lets not get into that because he kinda was suisidal and killed himself. but that poem is exactly how i feel right now
i reali like da poem i no how u feel cuz i lost my nan n i reali miss her n wish she cud cum bk n i hope shes lookin dwn on me :)
This was an awesome poem because I know my brother is here but he won't accept me because of who I am he is to into girls and Drugs you know maybe trying would help thank you for writting this poem because I know it will help me someday to remember my brother even if he doesn't remember me.
Your poem really touched me because my brother has been in a coma for three weeks due to a car accident and has no brain activity at all so they are going to take him off life support. I didn't know him as well as I should have, so I completely understand what you are saying. Thanks for the great poem, it made me feel less alone.
I really liked this poems because I am 14 years old and lost my brother about 2 months ago. He was 18 and sometimes I have these major breakdowns where I beg God to bring him back and ask why he took him. I know it won't ever come true, but at this age everything seems possible.
omg this is a really good poem! i didnt lose my brother. i lost my mom and dad but this poem relates to me so much !
i just lost my brother and i think you did an amazing job writing this poem
I LiKe Da PoEm You wRoTe. I LiKe WaT iT SaYs. iS BCauSe I LosT Ma FrEiNd -N- Da PoEm It iS TrUe WaT You wRoTe KeeP iT uP . R. I. P VANESSA
Hey! When I was 9, I watched my 22yr old brother drown in the local river. Its now 7 years on and I still think about him every day. This poem touched me and is so beautiful. Thanks
i'm really touched by this poem. I also lost my little brother when i was 10 years old. This poem actually made me cry because if i had a chance, i would exactly thesame thing for my dear brother. Thanks and God bless
i love it im very sorry you lost someone you love so dearly. One day you will meet again. It was a beautiful poem
i lost my dad 7 months ago and still i feel as if it has never realy haapened just sometimes you fell as if it only haapened to and you only knw the pain. we all felt it!
Your poem was great. I thought i was going to cry. I really know how u feel i lost three cousins two in a car crash and one at birth. i never really knew them at all. I just wish I could have. I think about them every day.
That was a very pretty poem!
this poem really touched the depth of my soul. it made me think of the time i lost someone and needed them with me. God bless america and natalie harrison
I lost my brother to an unexpected illness, at the age of 38. I miss him every day and this poem when I read it reminded me of how I feel.
this poem made me cry. i lost my brother 6 mouth ago he was 3 years old. i miss him alot and i know how heard it is to say goodbye to someone you love.
this poem reminded me about my lil brother who died April 22 2004 i will never forget him he was only 2 months old. My stupid father wouldn't let me see him that much, I hate him for that but theres not much i can do. I LOVE my baby marcus SO MUCH AND I MISS HIM 2!
I love this poem. I lost my brother when he was about 7 months old. But i wasnt even born yet, so I didn't really know him. He would of been 18 this past november. My cuz showed me this poem and I started crying. I printed it on this background with an angel on it and its in a picture frame on my table and I read it almost every night. I Love You John Christopher. R. I. P.
I absoultely adore the poem. My brother just died 2 days ago and I was reading this poem and starting crying. It was good that I read it cause I was holding it in I finally let it out. Thanx for the lovely poem.
this is a great poem , this poem makes me thankful that i know my brother.
This is a beautiful poem. i have been searching for ideas for a memorial of my little sister who was killed as a baby, sometimes i wonder the same things. never getting to know what might have been.
This poem made me start crying cause I was looking for the perfect poem for my brother's memorial page and then I saw this one and everything that Natalie said connects with me. It's such a great poem. It reminds me so much about my feelings about Matthew who was only 18 months older than me, but who was taken away from my family before he could take his first breathe.
Excellent Poem! I lost my twin brother when we were 9 mos and I was looking around to get ideas to write one to put next to our picture
I feel the same I lost a step brother and never meet him but I never got to see if he even loved me like a sister and i did with all my heart.
I loved your poem. I lost my brother 3 months ago in a fire. i realize now that i didnt know him as well as should have. Everything you said about thinking of him everyday and wanting a response couldnt be more true. Its hard to live without him but it brings me comfort to read this.
The poem was good. It really touched me because a girl from my high school( that graduated last year) died today
that poem was wonderful it made me cry cause i lost my uncle and i miss him
That was a really good poem! I losted my brother this year 03/19/03. It was hard for all of us. He went out for High School, then got drunk. Hey found him dead in the bush in Sioux Lookout Ontario. I really loved your poem, that meant so much to me. Bye
My Big Brother passed away when he was a baby i never had a chance to meet him. i'm always thinking something else like hes still alive or their was a mix up in the hospital but i truely know he passed. i loe your poam heather
My brother killed himself when I was only eight. He had been adopted out but we found him shortly before he took his own life. I feel your pain because I miss him too - especially since I missed the chance to really know him. My mother also died when I was 14. I know the pain of losing people too! Great Poem.
This is a wonderful poem and I thank you for writing it and deciding to share it with everyone. I lost my sister when I was very young and I thought I was the only one who wondered if she looks down on me and wishes that she were here even though I never knew her. Thanks again!
That poem was really nice! My brother died to and i didnt know him! My mom had a miscarriage. And also my dad died in 1995. I miss them both very much!
I thought this poem was gorgeous, it brought tears to my eyes. I had a brother who past away at birth 4 years ago, and to this day I say good night ot him before i go to bed.
I really loved the poem, it touched my heart a whole lot it really reminded me of my cousin Brent Michael White(I love you Cuz! ) but anywayz the poem brought tears to my eye's because he was like a brother, he was only 19yrs old when he died and all i want to say is that if anyone has ever lost anyone close to them as close as me and (Brent) "my cousin" was then i know how you feel and i just want to say that by this poem i can get on with my life, and i really love whoever wrote this poem .
This is a very touching poem. i had a brother die. He drowned in the river by our house 3 years ago. I will always miss him and think about him. I love him so much.
This is such a great poem,i also lost my brother 1 year ago, he just turned 21,and i still can't get over it. Thank you
this is wonderful I am 34 and lost my real mother when I was 14months old and she was only 20. I too feel the same way as you. I also have a brother-n-law who lost his two year old son 1month ago, and he has a little girl and one on the way that will not get to know there brother and i will pass this on for them to read to there children in hopes that someday they can find some peace also. Thank you so much!
This poem really touched me because my brother died just two years ago; I'm 16. I never really knew my brother either and I wish I had.
i really like it,oh how sad it is. Natalie i'll pray 4 u each and every night.i know u meant every word u wrote and that u wish u knew him better.thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

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