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When my grandfather died, I had a very difficult time dealing with it. Luckily I had my friends to turn to; this is a poem written by one of my friends for my grandfather.

My grandfather ~ was always so quiet; he never yelled at any of his grand children or scolded us. When he moved next to us I never paid any attention to him, and I now regret that so much! So, my advice to everyone is: never take any one of your relatives or friends for granted, because when they aren't there anymore you will wish so much that you had paid just a little more attention to them. Believe me, I know.

Tata (Grandfather)

Clouds are forming in the sky;
I feel like I could lie down and cry.
I miss all the things we used to do,
But knowing that I can't
Makes me realize
How much I loved you.
Family reunions won't be the same;
I miss you so much.
Only time could stop this pain.
I hope you had a wonderful life,
In spite of all those useless fights;
And when it rains I'll think only of you.
There would just be one thing I would do;
I'll get a picture of you and sit on my bed,
And my thoughts would only be of you -
Because in my opinion you are not dead.
All the family misses you,
And I do too.
I can't wait for that one day
When I would be reunited with
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40 Visitor Comments

Oh my gosh. When I read this poem I just broke down in tears. It is so true. I had lost my grandfather a couple of years ago. But still I miss him to to to much. I feel that he is still here.
I know how you feel. My poppy passed away a few years ago and I just started to get used to the fact that he's not going to be there every Christmas and Thanksgiving anymore. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. He was my best friend. I took it the hardest out of my family. Even though he's not here physically, he's always in your heart. Keep that in mind and you'll be fine. The pain will never leave but it will get easier. Trust me. God bless you and your family.
I loved you poem I cried. I just lost my grandfather a few months ago and he was my world. It reminded me Of somthing I would write and It was awsome. I have my grandfathers picture with me at all times and I have his shirt at the end of my bed, So if I need to be reminded that he will always be with me I grab it and hold it close to me. Well Good Job
my grandfather died yesterday, he lived very far from me and i took him for granted and just assumed he would always be there. i never took the time to call and see how he was and to tell him i love him. now that i got the news i blame myself for not doing that and i miss him very much. your poem meant so much because it described every emotion i was going through. awesome poem.
i toot lost my grand father at such an early age my grandfather and i were the closest out of all the grandchildren
Your poem was lovely and very touching. Its quite obvious that you loved/love your Grandfather very much. I just lost my GrandFather less than a week ago and I am still in a huge fog over the whole thing. I will trust in the Lord to help me get through the difficult days that lay ahead of me. Bless you and your family. Kristi
I think that was the most prettiest poem or one of the prettiest poems I have ever read
When I was 4 my grandpa died. He was my life, my world, my everything. When he died, I thought there was no use in living, and I was only 4, but then I realized, I still had my grandma. Now she has become my everything. However she is has now been diagnosed with terminal cancer. and has been put into a nursing home becuase she fell one day and broke her back. My one goal in life it to fulfil her dream, even tho she is dieing. and at a fast paste, her dream is to see my 2 brothers, my sister and I grow up, get married and have kids. Even if she doesnt make it till I grow up maybe shell get one of us ( im 13, brothers 21, 14 and sister 16.
i really liked your poem it was ok
The poem has truely touched me. I lost my nana only recently and chose this to read out at her funeral as I felt it portraid my feelings very well. I am truely sorry for your loss. I wish you all the happiness in your life.
this poem has touched me deeply. my grandpa died only 3 days ago and i loved him very much. i was the oldest grandchild and he told me over and over again how loyal i was to him. we had a very special bond that no one can take away. now and empty place in my heart is filled with memories that will last forever. this poem will be read very often by me.
it is a great poem and toched me, it expresses a lot of feeling
I loved your poem. It made me cry, and when I read it to my family they cried with me. I sent your poem to my grandfather up in heaven by printing it and burning it, thats what we do when we want to send or loved ones a message or gift. On christmas day our whole family got together and we each did somethign special for our loved ones that past on and we sent them our gifys we bought for them. I wish wecould have spent one last christmas with him. My family doesn't believe in saying good-bye, what they say is " I will see you again" My family would like to thank you for writing this beautiful poem for everyone to read. They also enjoy reading it over and over again. We love your poem!
When I read this poem, the emotions and memories just came flooding back to me. Twelve years ago, in 1992, my dad's father passed away. I was only eight at the time, but still have memories of him. Then, this past summer, my mom's father passed away. I was close to him as well. So, this is a great poem that sums up what I have been feeling for about twelve years. The ones we have lost are never really gone. They will always remain in your heart.
your poem touched my heart. losing my grandfather in may was the first loss i have ever had to experience there are days i cant stop crying. thank you for your poem
I just buried my grandfather today. I found this wonderful poem online to print out and put in the drawer in his coffin to be buried with him. I loved my grandfather very much. However he spent the last 6 years in the nursing home. (not the life he wanted at all) I didn't see him much after he was placed in the home. I feel really guilty by it. I had spent last grandparents day with my family and with grandpa and grandma in the home. I'm thankful for that. I just wish I would have went to see him more. I just want to say this is the best poem I have found online that best fit our lives and relationship. Thank you for this poem as it means a great deal to me.
This poem was awesome. I was extremly close with my grandfather! Since I was a small child I would do everything with him, he would always take me places and just want to spend time with me. And the day he passed away it broke my heart. The last thing I remember of him doing is the night before he passed away, He said hugged me and kissed me on the fore-head and said "I love you Pee-Wee" the sing about that is that he never really told me he loved me it's just soemthing that i already knew and it touched me knowing he actually said his own little "good-bye" to me. Things still aren't the same and he passed away April 01'. It's been a long time and the years have flown by, but I can't and wont forget him. This poem just explained how I felt about him. I didn't think anyone else would feel the same way I do, but I'm glad to know that there are people out there that feel the same as I do.
reading this poem brought a tear to my eye. truly great.
I know exactly how you feel. I was really close to my Grandpa and lived next to him almost my whole life and the day that he died was the worst day of my life. I miss him so much.
Baby Gurl
Hey, my name is Khristine, and i was touched by your poem. Today is February 25th, and my grandfathers 2 years of passing away was on the 23rd of this month, which was 2 days ago. I couldnt believe how fast time has passed by. I mean one day i remember the family laughing along with him, and the next, we were all cryin 2gether right by his side on his deathbed. It was a really tough situation for me, especially when he raised me, when my parents wasnt there. Ok well, i just wanted to say, that i loved your poem.
I think it is full of feelings and isn't very personalized so it can be related to anyone
I was reading your poem and it really did touch me. All the things you said in the poem. i feel the same way. My Grandfather passed away last week on Nov 16 03 and it really hurted. I cant seem to let go but we all know they are in a better place now in heaven. He'll always be in my heart and I'm glad that you wrote a poem that touched many out there. So i just wanted to thank you for the poem that you wrote
my grandpa died about a year ago, and i miss him sooo much. he had dementia, basically alzheimer's and he died from pneumonia, he just gave up. and i miss him so much, sometimes i just sit and cry because it feels like forever since i have seen him, i don't even remember his voice. this poem is almost exactly what i feel.
when i read this poem i started to cry because i lost my grandfather without having a chance to say good bye. this is a wonderfull poem it touched my heart.
i really loved ur poem. not only did i like it my grandfather jus past away a week ago =(. I have really been upset. and i really didnt kno what it was like 2 lose a really close family member like him. so its really helped me out. everytime i read it makes me cry or put memories about him in my head. Thanx so much for shareing that poem with me.
i think that. that poem was really sad because my grandfather had died just this year and it was kinda sad!(and that poem was really good) im not joking!
I lost my grandfather who was my best friend yesterday and this poem puts into perspective exactly what i am feeling. Good luck to all!
So many shared views in this poem as I too have just lost my Grandfather. I miss him terribly.
It touched my heart
I lost my grandfather 3 weeks ago He died on Feb 1, 7 years earler I lost my Great-Grandfather on the same day.. I called my grandfather Dad, for the fact that he was not only by grandfather but my daddy. He was the only man I trusted and loved. I am only 16, and 6 months ago I lost a friend (18) to cancer, and When I came home 3 days befor daddy died I found out his best friend died and I he was like a grandfather to me. I do not know how to deal with all of this pain at once. I miss my daddy. Thanks for the poem I loved it..
I really loved this poem because not only was it really great but it touched me. My grandad passed away not so long ago and I miss him so much and I love him. This poem helped me put my feelings together. Thank u!
I really liked this poem, because I also lost my grandfather and with this poem it helps me to know that there is someone out there that knows what I'm going through!
I can realate to this poem. My Tata shared the same birthday with me. Every time my birthday rolls around I think of him the most. Even though it is hard to celebrate my birthday I do anyway because I know that he would want me to be happy. So I celebrate it for both of us. I miss you Tata Lino.
My grandpfader died almost tow years ago and i misse him very much and i loved him. I wish i was nxt to him, everytime i think of him i start crying because i missed him and i cant be with him. your poem its very beutiful and i anderstand what you feel. Ana - Portugal
About a couple of months ago I lost my grandfather. When i read this poem I started to cry. You put all of the feelings that I have inside into a beautiful poem. I just want to say thanks for posting trhis for everyone to read. It has helped me with dealing with my loss.
This poem reminds me of my one of my favorite grandpas...i miss him a lot...
your poem was GREAT!my grandpopie pasted away not to long ago and still i cry. it was my frist family loss but still i 'm proud he made it to the millenium. GREAT JOB. IT EVEN made me cry.
your poem brought back so many memories of my grandpa who died only two months ago I have tried to say what I'm feeling after my grandpa's lose but after reading your poem I realize there are no other words that can describe what I'm feeling. Thank you so much
i lost my grandfather a few months ago and it still hurts a lot. your poem makes me cry everytime i read it because it reminds me of him. You are a very good writter

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