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This is a poem I wrote to scare my self from committing suicide. It has helped me through hard times. When ever I feel that the world is to scary to live in, I read this to myself.


For everything there must come a last.

A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year.

A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer.

A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage...

Or even the last words written on a page.

But the worst last thing is your last breath
because what is to follow will surely be your death.
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this poem really got to me because i have a really good friend who has just recently become depressed and told me she really wanted to kill herself. i talked to her and she no longer wants to kill herself but still thinks suicide is the only way. and i am going to be by her side until the end of her depression. and of course i am going to give her this poem. Thanks.
Wow this is like i think the most inspiering poem, see i hurt myself like, really hurt myself i find any object (mostly knifes) that are sharp and start cutting away and sometimes i can get dizzy but after reading that poem it mad me think differently! THANK YOU SO MUTCH!
SIMPLY love the way u illustrate the definition of "LAST". Keep it up and hope to see more of your work soon!
omg this poem is so great i have struggled with suicide and still am. my life is a wreck an d i feel like i have nobody left in the world my life is just meaningless to me but this poem is so true, and if u can get help then mabey i can to. THANK YOU
this poem was extremely freakin' awsome your a great writer. even for it to be so short and seemingly simple it said so much i loved it!
this poem speeks the truth thats y i love it
i loved it! very different. but very awesome!
powerful poem, i loved it! it just made me think wow everything ends! its truly amazing! x
wow i love ur peom. !
I love this poem because it reminds me of me and what i go threw in my life me and my friend love this poem!
I liked this poem in that the overall message is a positive one. Perhaps next time I'm feeling suicidal, I will think of your poem and wonder if I really want this to my last day, meal, conversation, etc.
All i can say is this is a very good poem
Wow that was so good. You are like such a genius for writing something that good! So congratz to you :)
hey that really touch me. That was real deep. Thats a good way of looking at your life.
Very very very true, been there n tryed to commit suicide n what this poem says is true! Love it!
oh my lord this is truly amazing,every thing you said i felt i lost my father a mounth ago today and i know that the worst thing is their last breath.
i love ur poem it only the truth i have tread committing sucide but ur poem has just scard me from committing suicide so i know how u feel
i found it very unique, i was very impressed
OMG! Just a few days ago I wanted to commit suicide. then I remembered this poem, and I got scared. I figured that wasn't going to be the way I die. I cant say I won't commit suicide, but I'm still here now. Thank you so much.
This is a really good poem and has helped me, its pinned up on my wall
Excellent-makes you remember how precious life is
i love your poem i would like to write poems but i just can make them sound right but i love yours. if i could write my own it would be abody all the boys and gurl that brake eack others heart. and all well i just like u 2 know i loved youes.
wow, i have never thought about that perspective of the word/meaning of LAST very nice i enjoyed it
ouch. Beeing a multiple suicide attempter, i must say, thank you for writting this ! it really hit me. god bless you !
i feel like comitting suicide everyday of my life, it can really hurt if you feel like i do. thankyou for writing this because it can really open my eyes, i always try to stop myself, i find a good way of keeping your mind off cutting is to find something easy and quiet to do that will destract you, keep up the amazing work!
i love ur poem its nice and kool
this is a truely amazing piece of work! so clever! im lost for words with how amazing that is
i loved thepoem it was a bit sad but realy good it makes you think of the more important things love mon
very clever and sums it all up. many a time i have felt like that
omg this poem is sooooo ace i loved it.
ey. gud poem im sry bout how u feel i no it must be hard and i hope u get threw it . and dun have to hurt no more
i like your description i might use this once
I thought that this poem had a very good understanding and it was very interesting to read.
wow. it is very nice. i just wish i could write poems
your words are so true, those who must read it have probably realized how deep your words are, like a knife cutting through pure flesh, it struck my heart, it kept me alive i must thank you.
this poem is really good. when i read the last line it made me cry. it just brings to life that when we die that is it nothing will ever be the same again. brilliant
I like it. I understand alot of what you've written. The last breath is the word you leave the world with to remember you.
it makes me realize that there truley is an end to everthing sooner or later.
Its a great poem, my bestm8 nathan killed himself bt no-one nos why, we all think e got to the stay off depression n i neva new how he really felt so this poem has really made me think. Thanks
this poem really gave me a better outlook on life. your a great writter keep writting
i LOve it it's so very clever but it gets the message across perfectly short and still beautiful!
I love this poem, its great! good job
I absolutley love this poem. I am a grade 8 student (13 years old) and I love to write and read poems. I have gotten some published but never any as good as this one. It kind of gives me this scary wow feeling ans it just inspiers you and makes you sit back and think. I love it thanks, Katie
this is a great piece of work. i write about almost exactly the same thing. i'm tired of people picking on writers like us.
wow amazing the rawness of this caught me off guard. i love it hang in there
This is an excellent poem, it's relistic yet short!
This is a very good poem. It means a lot to me as I am very depressed right now. Thank you for submitting your poem. It's very well written.
i really liked your poem, it hit home for me and helped me to realize the gravity of my situation. thank you for this poem, its wonderful
simply stunning
I like this poem cause it really touched me cause hopefully now when am down and wanting to be gone I'll relize that there is always a last to what we do.
That was an amazing poem. I myself write poems and as i sit infront of the screan reading these poems i wish that i could write just as good as u and all the other author son this site. I have a great fear of death spo reading that just opened up my eyes. It was a really good poem. I can even explain how like clever that was. Keep up the good work.
Just beautiful. Loved how you put it into words! Wish more people could read this and feel this way. I have lost too many people to suicide.
The was a great poem it made me think about life and death and how love can really hurt someone thanks u really touched me in many ways
i liked this. this really touched me.
All I have to say about this poem is that it is simply breath-taking!
Forgotten Soul
I really liked this poem, as i do the rest of them, but mostly this one, we're all just afraid of death. cause we dont know whats there, maybe its just emptiness, or maybe its worse than what we are living now. thats what gets me through the day. not knowing. and thats it.
This poem really touched me it had so much to do with how I am feeling right now. Keep up the good work.
nothing to add just verry good written
this poem is very good i love it
I really liked this poem cos it made me think about alot in life.
omg i love ur poem its so gud n da message is sooooo true. hope ur life is beter now! :)
i realli had to think bout this poem . a few months ago i attempted suicide and now i realli regret it. im 14 and i have alot ahead of me and need to live it out . this poem touched me and i enjoyed reading it over and over ! thanx
I want you to know that you are not alone.
that poem was very true and i thank you
Very truthful. Great job.
This Poem is tight. Its like saying in other words appreciate your life to the very last or the end. good work.
GREAT ! this poem is simply great ! it's simple, short and it talks a lot ! good job !
My friend almost committed suicide this year and its really scary for me not knowing how to help him. Your poem really showed me how important like is. Great poem!
I think that your peom really tells us that it is the end when we die and theres no going back on it once its done
Well done.
can't tell
This is a very very good poem. I love the drama in it. I know when I see a great poem.
I love it! i tried commiting suicide and i wish i had this then. but i am still here and from now on i am reading this every single day
I enjoyed you pome. I really think that you should keep writing!
WOW! That was a really good poem. It has alot of emotion in it.
wow! your poem talked me outta comitting suicide
that is one of the most amazing things i have ever read. its so true!
wow! very kool i can relate. keep up the very good work.
the poem reminded me of all the bad times that passed throughout my life, it makes me thankful that that i didnt take my own life. it was beautiful. yes, it did make me cry but not in a bad way. what a great poem!congrads
Ihave used similar technique to combat suicide for over 20 years. You have put my feelings into a memorable artistic form
this poem has something about it i just moves me i love this poem because at has alot of stuff i hear about often in it this is a great poem
this wa sa great poem and so true i wrote one like this before but im too afraid to post it anywhere
Its so True hunn. its really is. something everyone really needs to underdstand, i love it!
i cried,whoa. love that poem. and i hardly ever cry. bravo.
i really liked this poem. like the old saying "live everyday like it was your last" and i hope people like you and me do.
Tis poem is beautiful, clever and inspiring.
YO. this poem is genius yo.
Wow. I. Just wow. That deeply touched me.
i love this poem. it very true. the author is amazing
poems like this make me stop and think about life and why people do things to hurt others. but do they really mean to? but before you hurt someone again stop and read this poem. it makes sense. you never miss what you got till its gone. so dont lose anything. tell some one how you feel befor eits to late!
Awesome poem. This speaks of depression and true reality of how depression can sneak into your soul and find a home that lies way down where you least expect it.
my pappy once said "too much passion is a cloud of realality." he was right and you have use that to your advantage your passion has sheilde the horror of life long enough for you to relize its worth. congrads, and well done. I tip my hat to you
i loved this poem, i feel like that's so true.
Good point, poet! Just be sure to keep that thought in mind--all of the time. Thanks
speechless a poem that hit right to the heart a poem that made me stop and think a short simple poem but has a powerful meaning the best poem i have read its more than a poem its a helping hand thank you
so true, thats why we should "LIVE FOR THE DAY"!
This is a really great poem. it really made me understand a few things that i rather not say but Azazel u have a true talent .i hoep u continue to write great poems like this one
This is a very touching poem. I like the message that it tells. BEAUTIFUL!
beautiful work my friend, in this time, a poem like that can uplift the soul :-)
WoW. That is amazing, especially for all the people that actual think about suicide. It really makes you think, that all the things you usually do could be your last. Even if it isn't you that wants to kill yourself, if you die, anything could have been your last thing to ever do. Great Poem Azazel.
this poem was great.... i loved the useage of words, keep writing and i'll kepp reading!
I thought this was a brilliant poem. I've been suicidal for over 2years and it scared the crap out of me. Well, thanks ALOT!
This is the best poem I've read in a while. It describes a lot in 8 phrases.
I have been bi-polar and depressed for quite awhile since fighting breast cancer since 1998. This poem makes you think for sure.I have thought of my last breath but know in my heart that I have more of life to live and I dont want to end it yet.
Loved your poem, more power to you!
I really like how I could relate to your feelings, and how you kept it so simple...since I know what a tough subject it is. 3 years ago one of my friends hung herself and after that all I need to think about is how many people were hurt emotionaly forever by it and all my thoughts of suicide disappear for a while.Well, I really enjoyed your poem thanx for posting it...I'll look back at it when I need help!
Great Poem
this is a very good and a very true poem.
Really good poem. It actully helps, and makes you think twice about life...
I have felt suicidal for about 2 years now and it's finally a relief to hear a discouragement.
This poem is very effective in many ways.
that poem is very well written very good
I think that this poem will also scare people out of the thought of commiting suicide. I would just like to say, that it sure helped me. Keep it up.
so true
this poem was great, it had a great message and it helped me though something that was hard to get through. thank you very much it really made me think.
When I read this it gave me the chills.

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