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It is descriptive of the way I feel every day when I wake up.


And so it came to be
this isolation that I am
I can only look to me
to find the way it all began -
this confusion, constant
hunger for something more than this
I strive to find this being
that I envision, yet seem to miss.
Could it be that I am empty-
or maybe a little lost?
Could it be that I am lonely,
or seek happiness at any cost?
This never-ending Something
that I am living deep inside,
depicts the illusion of myself
and all I have to hide.
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46 Visitor Comments

thai is so asome and two thumbs up gurl your doing great i uesd to write pomes until i stared to do drugs. than drugs became a big part of my life
I give this poem a seven out of ten. I tend to grade harshly, so that is saying something. You are an excellent writer and you style resembles that of Emily Dickenson. Keep up the good work.
This poem is freaking awsom!
your words made tears come to my eyes. i feel the same way. and i have yet found a way to relieve myself of these feelings . if you have found something that helps please let me know.
i loved ur poem i know wat u must be going through its exactly how i feel
Sometimes in life we have a moment of reflexion. this poem says it all.
This poem is great you identify all the feelings many youth like myself feel but are afraid to express. KEEP WRITING YOU HAVE A GIFT!
hey that is a good poem i kno how u feel
I love this poems for the same reason it was wrote
this should get 10 votes cause it is goooooooooooooooooooood
This poems is very deep and shows clearly what one feels inside in true life. Most people can relate and this poems states the reality or the real world.
This poem was great and I think it captured one of the biggest forms of depression. Personally, the kind I have been dealing with for 2 and a half years.
This was a great poem and it really touched me. I have felt like the poem for so many years.
ey gud poem n i hope u get rid of dat pain u wake up to everyday . be strong
This poem describes exactly how I feel every minute of every day. I have always had a hard time expressing how I feel in words and in writing, but this. is it. You did a great job of writing this poem. Thanks
Iloved the poem, it was deep and I think it really relates to everyone at one point or another. I now it really touched me. And I also want to say Rest in Peace Alyssa, I will miss you, and so will everyone who's ever met you
Thank you for this poem. It touched my heart and soul. It seems as if you wote it for me.
this poem really touched me. it reminds me so much of myself, i do hide, and yet i dont know how to not
I relate to this poem a lot cause a lot of times I feel empty and Im searching to make me feel complete.
This poem touched me. (I suffer from depserion. ) It made me feel like there are other people out there that feel the same way that I do. Keep on writing.
the only thing i can say its deep and i kno the feeling
That is a good poem
i like it. it say a lot. get same if u dont care. it would be niss maybe u could stay mailing people things like this if they r in to it like me. just and idel thats all well bye
Well, this is a really good poem. I like it. :-) Keep up the good work!~!
i loved your peom it decribes how i feel all day long most days because i suffer with depression josie 15
i just wanted to comment on this poem i feel like this everyday,i have for the last 7 year i have suffed with depression since i was 14 years old and still fighting it and i just wanted to say this poem touched me thank you
this is a very emotinal poems
I would like to thank you all for your interest in my poem. This is by far my favorite. Thank you.
Ok, you know your poem is good, when it makes someone cry, your words they struck me, and jammed into my side, I am sitting here baffeled and can't believe your words, cuz everything that you said, just caused a bigger void, I like the things you said in it, because they all were so true, keep up your writing, just make sure what you say is really you
Your not alone in the way you feel. This decribes the way I wake up, go to sleep and generally am all the time. Very good writing, keep being honest, it only makes for superb poetry.
This is how I feel everyday I wake up. I do hide. Keep writing you are an inspiration.
Your peoms were really good and i could relate to most of them if not all of them. You have a great writing skill and i am also writing poems about every day life. These peoms meant alot beacuse i know that i amnot alone and you have been a great help.
this is such a great poem, it helped me out a lot!
very deep im over welmed by your perception
that's deep … nice
as i sit here on my birthday pondering my life, i find this poem brings me some peace. thank you for letting me know i'm not alone and that many of us travel the world feeling lost. maybe if more of us speak up, being lost would no longer feel "abnormal".
Just want to say I liked it..
I am a mother of two,and have been married for 16 years.They are the most important people in my life,and I would do anything for them.But why does it feel like something is missing?When I read this poem this IS how i've been feeling.
i think this describes almost everyone at least at one piont in there life
This girl should be published. She has changed my life by this poem. I wake up every day a new person. I now know what that something inside is.
Not a lot makes sense to me at the moment, however this poem did.
flows together very well .
Raquel, very well done poem. I could feel your pain while reading it. It flowed nicely and it was a great depiction of your emotions.
I feel the same way. I love how you express this feeling. It touches my heart.
The answer is within you. In the quiet corner of your inner being are all the answers to your question. My thoughts are with you and I wish you contentment and Peace Profound. I found in trying to be what I would like others to be I am halfway on my way what I seek. Forgive the grammar, besides not speaking perfect Englich I forget words. I wish you well,
could relate had real feeling for this one.

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