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This is a poem about being taken advantage of. I am always there for people, but they never seem to have time for me.

Down Again

I've been pushed down so many times
I feel this time will be the last
as I lay here fading
my thoughts are invaded by memories of my past
I feel the pressures of shame and rejection building
as I lay here on the floor
I have no strength to get up
I'm not worth it any more
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I really liked this poem. good job! it's [A]mazing! =]
this poem touched me and i feel the same way that you are feeling in that poem. friendship and trust is just an illusion to me. no one really is my true friends and there are alot of people out there who dont know what it feels like to be someone with the fear of being forgotten, being lonely and being pushed down. athazagoraphobia is what we all grasp. (phobia of being forgotten) i tried being happy again but i found out later it wasnt making me even a bit happier. although people say that you can get over it easily, people like you and i know that its very hard to overcome depression. but just hang in there. theres hope in finding happiness in the future
This poem just touched me. after i read it, i felt that a couple of months ago that was all i felt. but now whenever i fall down i think of everything good that has happened to me and i get right back up again.
This explains exactly how i felt recently and i hope to never go there again xx
i really liked what you wrote because its so true.
i thought this poem was excellent and made me think there are people out there that dont have the life some people have and would rather be dead i think its horrible that somebody could feel this way and how people make them feel this way but u get people out there that are just there to hurt people nobody is worth taking ur life for.
it is AWESOME!1
I can really relate to this poem almost everyday of my life well things are better now but i will always have those memories keep writing i would love to learn to express myself like you do!
I really liked this poem. I can actually feel what is being said right now. I actually have this problem at school to. So I know what you're feeling. I love the poem, byes.
Hey i so know what its like to be there just stay strong, ive been fighting for years to keep alive i know some where inside i want to live cause im still here i think you want to too just try n keep it in mind -a knowing depressed chic
i am 13 and i have self hamed and this poeam means alot i no hwo you feel love jess
This poem embodies my exact emotions. It brings comfort to know others feel as I. And even though we are isolated we are not alone.
this poem touched me i cant even believe it i write poetry too and this is somethig i can relate to
I love this poem! it's really amazing what a few lines and carefully chosen words can do - I got goosebumps! and it reflects the exact way I felt so many times before pushing myself to get up and try again -- it's beautiful =)
hey, I think that i is a good poem. It isn't long but it says a lot.
Jenna My name is Kristin and i wanted to let you know that i really appreciate this poem. Its funny because me and my best friend Jenna used to write poems like this all the time so it just really reminded me of something that we would have wrote! I guess thats why it stuck out to me. I dont normally write these comment things this one just really hit home you know! So thank you for the memorie flashback! I dont see her much anymore! I miss her you know!
I was touched by it cuz I wrote the same. And I've got depression in my heart that makes me realize that this poem Jenny wrighted is a part of my situation. It depends on the situation actually and this poem describes me. Thank u so much
It was very touching. I Liked it.
I think this poem is very unique. It has a lot of emotion . It touched my heart a lot and made me relize that being in a relationship like that is wrong. It was great to relize that someone else has went through what I have.
I appreciate someone who can put into words exactly how i feel. thank you.
ok this poem explaines me completly im always there for ppl but when it comes down to it those ppl are always putting me down your poem is awosme and i greatly apreciate it!
I loved this poem! it makes me think on life!
This poem is heart breaking, i just feel like saying get up, you are worth it, god will be here just have to believe.
to anyone who reads this and it may remind you of you or a friend please i beg you to seek or lend help. i'm the little sister of this poet and no longer do i have her in my life. i miss her sooo much and i don't want any of you to have to go through what i am.
10+ very gud
Hey girl that was really good. i feel that way sometimes.
I really love poems that express the anger, hate, hurt, and rage in peoples lives they sometimes relate to what i'm going threw. By the way this poem is really really go! Sencerily, Tiffany D. Chandler
I love this poem. I relate to it so much.
Wow that is how i feel i know what its like and its okay
i loved it because i think it relates 2 some ppl i kno
that was beautiful
This poem reminded me of my son I lost in Oct 2005. He sufford so much I was blind to as bad he was hurting.
This poem really touched me I feel the same way the one person that I really care about dosn't and it hurts me so I hurt my self
i really love reading poems. specially ones i relate to. that poem was spot on. good job, keep writting more
Lisa S
Jenna i don't know why you felt this way. i hope you felt i was there. i miss you and i wish things were different
I feel your despair. I know it hurts
I know and understand this. I am there.
Understand Pain
short. simple. sadly true.
HeY yOuR pOeM. i CaN fEeL wHaT yOuR gOiNg ThUr CuZ i Go. ThUr ThAt EvErY dAy. FeElInG lIkE wHy Am I AlIvE i JuSt GeT uSeD. AnD lIkE nO bOdiEs ReAlLy CaRe fOr Me Or EvEn LoVe Me ThEy JuSt EnD uP bReAkInG mY hEaRt Or It FeElS lIkE tHeY eXpEcT yOu To Do EvErY tHiNg
Funny, how poems potray other people and how they feel. This is exactly how i feel all day everyday, dont know why it wont go away, dont know when it will go away. We think that only if our questions are answered everything will drift away. Most try, but ive tried and it doesnt help me just to forget everything cause then it just comes back ten times worse. This poem touched me, its in the eyes of a young girl who is suffering.
its so sad but hang in there. We all get rejected all the time with out nowing it.
i love it. its like me i dont wanne get up anymore im kinda sick of life.
this poem? i can also relate to. i feel like this all the time. i just can't seem to forget. the memory is still clear. everyone hates me.
your poem seems to be exactly what happened to me last nigth. kinda creepy :S lol but it was nice :) *thumbs up* ALex
life is like a game,there are times of GLORY and triumph,but most are sadness and failure,so play your game right and tough cuz when you fall theres no turning back. Life is not matter of destiny,but its a matter of choice. jhake41
i loved it, thats exactly how i feel right now. my girlfriend just broke up with me and i can not take anymore
thats was so touching i know how it feels to be like it's harf but i'll get trhiugh it so yah i loved it
short. but really really good
A beautiful poem, she must be a beautiful person. Just the romantic in me.
i really like this poem it remindes me of me . when i feel really bad about myself i feel i can't do anything and thats pritty much every day . but i seem to get by my friends and famile and boyfriend help me. im so happy i have you now kyle love you
it relates to so many people and to the pople that push others down it would help them relize what it does. maybe they wont do it any more. i really like it
I love this poem. I am depressed and this poem is awsome. You should make more poems. I love the emotion that you put in it.
This is just how I feel right now. I give and give until I can't anymore and no one gives back. Sucks to be me.
i really like this peom bcoz sme times i feel the same way like u do right now!
this is how i feel all the time n im trying to get help. someone finally found out what im goin thru and im in the process of somewhat curing this disease
hi im josephine and i think this poem reminds me so much of my guy friend because of the heart breaking relationships that he has gone through withen the last past months i really like this poem keep up the good work
tihs is the most tuching poem! I now how you feeel I feel the same way
this poem touched me because ive been there before so many times! Knowing how it feels my heart reaches out and aches for the person!
i liked your poem very much! good work keep writing
This poem gets 10/10 its deep and touching and relates to everyone.
omg wen i red da top of it i was lyk dat is totally wat happens 2 me! i'm always hear 4 my friend w/e da occasion bt wen i'm down/upset no1 seem's 2 notice! i love your poem! fankz so much , al i have 2 do now is 2 find away out of da dark! xxxx xxxx xxxx
I liked your poem, i have a few, but none are as good as the ones posted on here that i've read *sighs* ur poem is short and emaning full and it got me in the first few lines which not many poems can, i started writing my own before i looked at other peoples,
I am so feeling this poem right now!
i love your poem. i printed it out and now it stays in my wallet.
this poem is sooo good it is wat i go throw every day and it really touched me thanks
i am 14 and i have already been diagnosed with depression and im glad that i can read other young peoples feelings and it makes me feel like im not alone i could really relate to this poem.
I really like this poem because its exactally how i feel!
ur poem really touch me
i feel this poem deep down inside me and its such a good feeling too kniw that there are other people out there that feels the same way i do
i can definitly relate. ive always been there for this one friend and she totally ignores me. she met someone else. someone better than me and i hate to know that after everything ive done for her that i get ignored. out of all of the poems ive seen on this website i can really relate to this one which i like. good job!
Loved it a really good poem!
Im glad that i read that poem! it really got me thinking! my mother just put me in counseling and she told me she thought i could be depressed and me only 14 years old thought to myself i dont even kno how to be depressed! and after reading that i think to myself that maybe i need to be paying more attention to this and get the help i need before anything gets carried to far away!Thank you!
I liked the poem, it did actually touch me. My girlfriend is going out tonight, drinking. it's hurting me alot
Your poem was awsome. I can realy relate to it in alot of ways. It was realy cool.
hey i like your poem
great poem! It realy touch me . i love this poem because is short very complet and it is a good view of the reality of deprecion . just great!
This is one of the BEST poems I have EVER read! Keep up the good poetry! I may only be 13 but I love poetry, and I love this peice of writing
This poem really touched me because my friend Pat commited suicide last year and when i read this poems i just bursted into tears because i think this is what Pat was thinking when he put that gun to his head. We all miss you Pat! R. I. P
wow your very good at this i meen it was good. its how i feel all the time.
This poem is great, it really touched me. Its only short but means alot. Made me cry. It's all so true
I like this poem and the way the writer expresses herself. 10+++
i realllly liked this poem
that poem was awesome! i can really relate to it! wow you just like explained my life in a couple words. great poem!
hey i really enjoyed your poem i can understan what it means because i go through alot of crap in my life and very depressed but keep up the good work
i'm not going to start this by sounding all happy and say "oh my god, your poem was so awsome i loved it" but the truth is i thought it was good and i feel the same way, i'm not worth it but i have to hold on for the people i love
This is exactly how I feel. My parents, sometimes friends, and a lot of other people put me down. I feel I can't continue or "get up. "
Your poem is awesome. i love it. it says how i feel right now. kind of like wanting to give up. its awesome
Loved it!
this is a really good poem
Your peom was awsome. It was like what I always wright in my journal, because it's how I feel day in and day out.
every thing about that pome is me
i feel ur pain. hold in there
i am depressed i am taking medicine so for these circumstances it relates to me i loved youre poem tania,16
hey jenna i know how u feal i feal the same way all the time and i somtimes feal like none cares bout me and i help them and they dont wann help me
I really like it, its short and it describes just how I feel. I love it.
That is EXACTLY what I'm doing & going through.
I really liked this poem. It relates to me in many ways. I think about suicide a lot. And I too write poems. This wone is REALLy good. GREAT JOB!
Your poem touched me, it said what i've been thinking. Nice to know that someone somewhere understands. Thanx
WOW! This poem is me word by word. I feel like this every time i get into a friendship. I always end up giving all of me. But i never get anything. They just use me n throw me away when they are done. I hate that. But I always fall for it! I am pretty dumb, huh? :(
i really liked this poem because it expressed to me how i feel right now thank u Jenna
very deep. Great words.
I feelt this was an exellent poem discribing how down people actually can get. I do recognize some of it :-(
this poem is good cos its true it explains how depression is a struggle to the suffer and how it feels to live have lived with depression for a long time. this poem reallt touched me because nothing touches you like the truth
Great Poem, Kinda Helps That Im Not The Only One
very good. i write my own poems. almost like that except longer. that was very good.
i really like ur work becasue just last night i was laying on the floorvery upset, and this poem explains exactly how i felt, i just puts what i was thinking into words and to here it in words makes it easier to deal with
i think it was wonderful. good job keep up ithe good stuff!
I was searching thru poems on the net wen i came 2 this one. i read it and it rele reminded me of my best m8 nicola. she has been let down so meny times b4, by her bf's, and she has jus got over another one and this poem is so tru 4 her. she needs 2 realise how depressed she gets each time she breaks up with sum one, one day she will even take the chance of commitin suicide. i am guna print this poem out and show her this wen i go 2 her house on sunday, thanks jenna 4 writing this.
I think this poem is g8! It is amazing how you express your work. I feel like I have known you 4eva
I loved this poem, it really made me think. I'm going through a lot right now, and i could really relate to it. I think it's a great poem and she did an amazing job on it.
I really liked your poem. It reminds me that I'm not the only one in the world that feels this way. I dont know how old you are or anything, but I'm 21 and it still hasn't gotten any better. Just know you aren't alone and you do have friends out here even though you cant see us. Also, remember- it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. As long as you like yourself, that's all that really matters.
God this is my life every day,every night and for the first time sumone put the feeling on paper
WOW!great job i love this poem. im gonna read in front of the class on poem day, i hope you dont mind.
I just wanted to say I liked that poem. It made me relate because I was raped. and everynight I lay in bed thinking that I am just not worth anything anymore. I've been really depressed and that just kind of opened my eyes on how I am really feeling.
I can relate to you I'm always there for people but at times people only see what they want!
This is a fabulous poem. I often feel the same way, not "worth it". I don't want to get up in the morning to face another day where I will be rejected and hurt by people I'm supposed to trust. This is exactly how I feel. Keep writing poems that touch people.
Wow i couldn't belive that there would be something that put the way inn feel in words this you have done and i thank you soooooo much. i have been living with depression fro 6 years and right now i feel as if im down againg but for the last time!
i loved this poem it reminds me of alot of my friends and also myself. You have very good talent in poems.
this poem is an inspiration. u said wat i can not and for this im truly greatful. how did u no how i felt? so thanz you jenna for voicing my feeling for me.
This poem really explains how I feel. All my friends tell me not to be depressed and stuff but I can't help it. I sometimes feel like there IS no use in bothering to get back up off the floor.
out of all the poems on the page this one is special to me.
This touched me so hard. as I started reading this I got chill-bumps all over!
your poem is hott as hell i luv it
This poem was so awesome it expalins exactly how i feel inside. and i dont think this pain im in is worth the trouble anymore
Jenna i would like to say this poem is really good and it touch me as well as other people. this poem just reminds me of my life and how i feel i gather you feel like this when you wrote it. i cant writ poems to save my self but this was the best one ive read of all days well done keep it up
hey. well even though your poem was short it was very discriptive. i thought it was really good. it made me think of how i feel. i get depressed a lot and when i read things like that i feel like i'm not alone. keep up the good work
that poem can really help me in some ways, cuase sometimes i feel those feelings.
Hey I really LOVED your peom too! TODAY my b/f dumped me. we were only going out for 2 months but still. I cared ALOT about him and this poem totally realates to the way I feel when I heard he dumped me! THANX
This is a great poem! I loved it and I know a lot of other people will, too! keep writing!
it's very passionate that is all i have to type
I adore this, mostly because I can relate to it so much. I know you've probably heard that enough times but I really can. It's brilliant.
Very similar to my case. You have spoken for me. very emotional and nice. I love it.
I LOVE THIS POEM, it says so much and that how i feel. no body listens to me and when i cry for help no one hears me and im fading away in my own world
I think your poem was really nice, it really related to how I felt. I am diagnosed as depressed and it really relates, great job!
this is a good poem, i love it. i always am depressed and it sucks it really does. I always feel like noone likes me because noone talks to me, sure i have friends, but whatever. thanx for writing this is great!
this poem is encredible! i feel as though this was written about me two years ago. reading this reminded me of how it feels and how i felt it helped me appriciate my life now. Jenna and any others out there if you can get through it its truly worth it, it is all you gotta do is smile :)
hey i loved the poem bcuz i feel the same way all the time except i find myself lying in my bed crying
I think this poem is really good and you can tell a mile off that it comes from the heart. It really spoke to me
Yes, I can relate to this poem. I have been rejected so many times, its like whats the point in living. I get so depressed. I am still today! It's like there is no hope for me in the futrue with anything!
wonderful. I can relate. and though it was a relatively short poem, it was one of the best. thank you
i abosolutely loved your poem. its like my daily life. there is always someone that puts me down. there will always be someone. but its noce to know that im not the only one that feels this way. great job!
this is a really good poem. all of it is so true and very well written
priscilla r
i love this poems its so good i fell the same way all the time and i can relat to this my life is so sad well keep up the good work
somehow, i feel the same way as you do. no one seems to understand the way i feel, alone and suffering in silence
i like
It's a beautiful poem. Full of emotions, which pulls the reader in. Thank you for writing this Jenna. i truley am grateful!
Thanks, Jenna, for the poem that does relate to me. After how many months when "friends" never call me back nor want to go for coffee and visits, I tried hard to move on with my own life, finding new friends who could accept me for who I am.
I can relate to this poem. I feel this way. every day of my life. Sometimes I don't even want to wake up in the morning. I hate how I feel this internal death. I just hope that one day it will go away.
I just wanted to say that this poem is exactly how I have been feeling for the past yr. I came home after a yr frm college after abusing alcohol and bieng drugged and sexually assaulted. I became severely depressed and felt worthless. After months went by I got better but in the past month I have found myself to be crying daily and feeling like my life is worthless once again. I'm not going to go in to my life story but it makes me feel better for the moment that someone out there feel's the same way i do.
I feel like this to. Im always there for my friends and when I need help they say wierd things that dont really make sense to me. So i dont ask for help anymore. at least from them
after reading that poem and seeing the comments its good to know that im not alone anymore
I like this poem, short but to the point. I write what I feel and in this poem It is all that. Great POEM.
I loved this poem. It describes exactly how I feel. To the author keep writing your best. You are very very talented and deserve the best. I know how you are feeling.
this poem was fasinatingly insightful. one can actually see the true feelings bihind the words.
short but sweet/ sometimes life is worth it and hope is enough to pick you up again/ good luck
Wow,that seems like excatly how I feel. I mean everytime I make a frined it is as if they backstab me. This poem is excellent
this poem captures the tidal wave type pressure of depression
i really liked this poem because i feel the same way like no one care enough about you but you give way to much of yourself to them. Whoever wrote this i feel what you feel and i understand just know you aren't alone
i felt this way too.
This poem decribes the way I feel every day. It hits very close to home. I think Jenna is a very good writer. Its nice to know that someone feels the exact same way that I do.
jenna, we are very much alike. i am the perfect best friend for many. but have none. i'll like to be your friend.
that was a good poem
this was so beautiful in its own way,tears came to my eyes.
i think ur poem had ur feelings inside it, i think mine r like that too
oh my gosh i'm gonna cry. thank you for writing that jenna
i feel exactly the same way.wanting to die..stop breathing.. or just go away. but i just keep think that its gonna be okay
i love this poem so much, i have been feeling like this for the longest time and still no one knows but for one of my friends, reading this makes me know that im not alone and soon everything will be okay, i thank you, this poem can change someone.
you understand what it is like to be worth nothing.
This is a very good poem, I know exactly how you are feeling. Its happend to me and its left is long term effects on me, the one thing that really helps me out though is knowing that I am not alone in it. It helps to know that at least one other person out there feels it too and that they won't let me down
i thought i was the only one in the whole world that no one cared about. now i know that im not. thanx.
My life exactly.Thank you,Jenna.
Jenna your poem left me feeling for you
this is a really sweet poem i would like to print it out and take it to my dad he is in the hospital with a heart attack but it is a really sweet poem and i like it alot
i thought it was a very true poem that comes from the heart and which a lot of people can relate to.
Absolutely fantastic. It describes life so perfectly. Makes me think she is in my soulk living my life.
Your poem really made me feel like I am not alone. I used to have a bunch of guy friends who took advantage of my kindness, and they really made me feel useless sometimes. Reading your poem made me feel better about what happened back then.
so true my friend, so true... what a beautiful poem, can relate to many including myself.
I thought this was an excellent poem because I know what it's like to be reject and pushed down even though you help people out. Thanks for writing such a wonderful poem. :)
I thought that this poem was very much like one ive written before, and i only pray and hope its better for you. It was very well written.
hey i dont know if u meant in that poem that it being the last time and not being worth it n e more, in a suicidal sense, well i've been there, i even attempted suicide. and really found out then who really cared. but please dont ever try to kill yourself, becuz life is so beauitful. and i know how it feels to be depressed, but you gotta look past the bad things and hold on to something special, something like a passion, for me is singin and writing music. but even though i dont know you, or your life, i hope whatever it is that put you down, you have some way to look past it all. remember if no one cares, god always does
hey, this is a great poem, its EXACTLY how i feel and no one really understands.
this is a great poem which i can relate to.often i have "freinds" tell me they are always there for me when im feeling suicidal or something..but then at times when i try to open up and ask for advice or help or evan just a friend to be there when im all alone they rarly say much or act right cold like they want me to leave them alone. it hurts and some people ought to watch what they say.if a friend says they are there for you they should only say it if they mean it.anyhow.great poem
Good Poem.But honey i know what ur feeling too It always happens to me and you feel like ur not good engouh and that.But Dont worry about them ppl cos really in the long run they arnt worth it and they are the ones that a mising out.So Honey Dont worry about them FORGET THEM! Dont run after them make them run after u and if they dont they arnt worth it.Its happen to me and i dont run after them anymore. You really find out who really cares about u. and when u do stick with them dont let them go i made that mastake and i regret it
THIS was a great poem i liked it very much!
This is a beautiful poem. I know exactly how this person feels because it happens to me all the time. Only I don't know how to express it in words.
This is exactly like my life
I really enjoyed this poem....I write poems to about things in my life and her poem just seemed so real to me. I think she is very creative.

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