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This poem seems to speak well for itself, so there isn't much I can say, simply that it's written for a very close friend who has had a rough ride in matters concerning love.

Incidentally, it also draws attention to the advantages of being a good friend, namely that you can share in the joyous times as well as the sad.

Don't Worry - I'll Help

I will support you
when days do seem dark,
when you feel that you can't
stop the pain in your heart.
I will be there for you
and I'll hold your hand,
together we'll make it
out of this Shadowland.

Never forget that I
think of you often
wondering how you are
and if you've forgotten;
or if you are crying
alone with your pain,
thinking it's hopeless
and that you are to blame.

I hope that you aren't
because it isn't your fault,
you've just become victim
to the bad side of love.
It happens to most people
some time in their life
and it hurts a great deal,
worse than a knife.

But I will console you
and help you to see
that although things seem awful,
one day you'll be free;
free from the heartache
to go on with your life,
and I'll be there to see it,
and secretly smile.
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13 Visitor Comments

this is a really great poem i have had some exprinece that you have this is well worth writing
i liked this poem a lot, it has really touched my heart. if i would have given the chance to rate it , i woluld have given 8 out of 10
the poem is great. I read it long time ago in a mail and i gave it 2 my frnd who is suffering from the same situation ur frnd was. anyways keep up the good work!
this reminded me of my friend Brian and brought tears to my eyes. its a beautiful poem, Coleman has done a wonderfull job.
i liked this poem because now a days me and my friend is in a great problem and i want to tension free my friend so that is why i liked this poem and sent that poem to my best friend.
This poem was send to me by my best friend. It is really very nice poem & it just touch my heart
It is a great poem, which would have a deeper penetration into anyone's heart! Convey my congratulations to the writer. -Nehru
This poem has now become one of my favorites. It says so much, it tells the person..I'll help you, I'll be there for you..Perhaps at times we've wanted to say such words, but found it hard. Try sending this poem. I've sent it to some of my friends. If nothing else, I think you'll get a smile and/or a thank you. *Thank you for writing this poem*
I really like this poem. It has the ability to touch hearts. Thus it's showing that it's writing must have come from the heart. Good job.
I feel this was a great poem because it shows the writer is very involved in thier friends life and they want to help in any way they can. It sounds like someone really cares. I whis I could find a friend like that.
This poem was sent to me by a friend, and it really stuck with me. It's nice to see that others face the same things in life and that we are not alone. There is always someone out there to understand us better than we know.
It's a great poem one of those who make you think ty for writing it and sharing it with us

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