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Poems by Malcolm Coleman

The following index of poems includes all of those submitted by the author and subsequently published on the main site. The date the poem was submitted (not necessary published) is also included with each entry. If the author has published poems under more than one category, their poems are grouped by category.

Love Poems

  • 1999-05-02
    A kiss is just a kiss - or is it?
  • 1999-02-18
    We all have insecurities, and only time and faithful love and completely erase them. But sometimes, in the beginning, a few words can help…
  • 1999-02-07
    When we're in Love, the whole world can become a mirror, reflecting our immense joy.
  • 1999-01-24
    "Did I do something wrong?" How many times have each of asked, or wanted to ask, that bewildered question? How many times has our only answer been terrible silence?
  • 1999-01-24
    When two people are separated by vast distances, sometimes the only thing they have left are their dreams.
  • 1999-01-24
    Why? is a question frequently asked by little children and young lovers.
  • 1999-01-24
    Asking to be trusted is as fruitless as asking to be loved. What do you do when the one you love doesn't trust?

Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems

  • 1999-01-24
    For thousands of years, two people have shown their love for each other with kisses. Unfortunately, today, ready lips don't travel across a modem very well…
  • 1999-01-24
    Falling in love over the Internet can be tough for many. But perhaps it is toughest on those separated by more than just hundreds of miles, more than just commonly traveled distances.

Love Poems - Erotic Poems

  • 1999-02-18
    The poem expresses a very tender moment, that moment when two people, for a heartbeat, become one with each other.
  • 1999-01-24
    Poetry is the language of love, and imagery is the language of poetry. Especially when the imagery is this, uh, sensuous.

Sad Poems - Poems about Death

  • 1999-01-24
    Life can be cruel, and death comes too swiftly, and it is only in the sharing of our burdens where we can find strength.

Sad Poems - Sad Poems on Society

  • 1999-01-24
    Empathy is the ability to feel another's deep pain. And a feeling of deep helplessness is too often the result.

Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

  • 1999-01-24
    Pain can often come from something as simple - or complex - as a strong need to be reassured.

Friendship Poems

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