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It's dedicated to a very special friend who went through a very difficult situation, which made her fall into depression. Unfortunately, it seems like she's falling again into what caused all her sadness. This is dedicated for you my dear friend, because I don't want you to suffer again.

Will You Fall Again?

Will you believe again my friend?
That dream destroyed your pride,
It vanished away hurting your life.

Tell me, will you dream again?
Will you follow it towards the end
Thinking it's part of your fate?

Will that nightmare hit you once more?
Tell me, if you please, tell me so.
I want to hear it from you, I want to know.

Please, please don't lie to me,
Tell me if you're going back to it.
Tell me so, I promise I won't be mean.

For you there will be no blame
Until it passes the time that will take
To show you it wasn't part of your fate.
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6 Visitor Comments

I loved this poem and i wish my friend read it. and the poem talks about my bestfriend and i wish i can change her.
This poem reminded me of something some of my best friends asked me after a guy I really fell inlove with hurt me something awful. They kept asking me if I really and truly wanted someone who would lie and destroy me. I really loved it. On a scale from 1 to 10, I give it an 8
Wonderful poem. It fits so perfectly.
I really enjoyed your poem,it reminds me of a situation I am going threw myself,I feel so lucky to have a friend help me threw it .. great job !
this poem makes me think about my brother and a lot of my friends acctually I lost a cousin 4 years ago over drugs and a friend 2-3 weeks ago to drugs also and this poem really reminded me of them a lot
this is a good poem for people tha keep on falling, like on drugs. My brother is one of those people who just can't stay on top. It is really heart breaking to see a family member falling and you can't pick him up. i pray to god that he stays up next time he is out there. AMEN

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