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From time to time, we all get a little lost. Our friends are the only line we have to guide us back.

The Light Upon The Sea

There was a time it seemed as though
My life was tossing to and fro
And I, left with nowhere to go,
Was subject to the sea.

But there, ahead, a beam of light
Peered through the darkness of the night
And granted to me clearer sight
That I might be set free.

I steered a course toward the land
To find a refuge on the sand
And maybe touch the gentle hand
That guided me along.

And when I reached the coast that night,
Upon a hill, the shining light
Was tended by a welcome sight . . .
My friends had led me home.
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26 Visitor Comments

this poem is deep and yet. it is easy to understand becuz the meaning is universal and i think it is grade A++++. u keep doing what ur doing
sophie and emma
I liked this poem because of it's simplicity
love the poem. i plan to use it as part of my eulogy
I loved the poem. I thought it was so sweet and wonderful.
wow! i love your poem. it inspires me a lot! ty for the inspiration
I love the sound of this poem. It stays in my mind.
This is a great poem. You put a good one on here.
Robert, this poem touches me deeply, as all your poems do.
Just love this peom Robert its a wonderful inspiration. Thank you.
Robert, A truly inspiring poem about true friendship. You have truly captured my soul. Thank you for your wonderful God given talent. Congratulations.
This poem helped me put in to words what friendship really means! Knowing that my friends will be that light! Thank's
Very very wonderful and touching. it fits together very well. I really liked it.
that was a hittt
Great poem! I loved it!
This poem is very touching. I love the last line on the poem. Great!
That has to be the most beautiful poem I have ever read.
This poem touched me
this is a truly sweet poem, in it's simplicity it tells all
Right from the heart.. pure and real the way it should be
What a great poem!
Some are lucky to have two friends in one life time that will stay by you for a life time......this poem is something that is given over and over by friends without thought. I love it...Thank-you for sharing it with me.
This is exactly what I've been wanting to say to my closest friends lately, but I didn't know how. Thank you!
WOW! That was the perfect poem to send to my dearest friend who was always there for me. Thank you for the awesome poem. I loved it!
Very moving and inspritional. Life is a journey. How wonderful to know there are friends there to share it with you.
This poem of his is a daily reminder of the love i give to all my friends daily, and of the great man i am to marry one day, and just how much i love him.

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