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I grew up as an only child but I had a cousin that was very, very close. This poem is about the wonderful friend I found in my cousin.


I know you're still out there
Living life with your kind of flair
Standing with your face to the sun
Picturing your time to come

Many clouds have passed by
Since we stood under the same sky
Taking in the summer sights
Howling at the city lights

I still remember when we were young
Pulling pranks just for fun
Summer vacations were such a blast
The kind of memories that will always last

Growing up the future seemed like such a sure thing
Thought we knew what it would bring
True love, a family, a house in the hills
Work hard, play hard and don't sweat the bills

Never guessed things would change so much
Thought our friends would never loose touch
The stars seemed so clear from our domain
I sure could handle some of those good times again

Even if our dreams still seem far away
Our friendship will be right here to stay
Until we are both gone
The road between us will never be too long
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65 Visitor Comments

Hi I heard about this site and for the first time i read this poem and i felt this really heart touching i feel that everyone would experience the same
Your Poem is of "Friend" is VERY good. I had a friend pass away, recently. Thanx
this is really touching
I love this poem because just a few months ago I joined myspace. com hoping that my childhood friends would find me and it worked. I would have never found them because they mostly all of them live in different states now. After they found me I was looking for something really nice to put on my blog and this poem was just perfect. Growing up I moved around alot but these specific friends are the ones that I wished I had never lost touched with and this poem really explains how I feel about all of them. It eally hit close to home. Thank you Robson Grant! Great job!:)
I loved this poem. it helped me get over the fact the my BEST friend Jasmine was moving to Califorina. I miss her so much. But his did help me realize that even though she wasn't in my state, she was STILL my best friend.
I was searching for a poem to send to a new friend but the instant I started reading I had to mail it off to a friend that I don't see that often any more. It is perfect, and Robson is correct in saying "the road between us is never too long. "
This is a great poem. I think I was almost brought to tears.
it seem to make friendship be stronger between friends
the poem touched me and i am only 11 i sent it to my best friend in the world i think you are a very good writer and i want to take after you love sophie
This poem reminds me of how my best-friend and I are like now.
this poem is so good and touching love it!
i love this poem! in a strange way, i kinda touched me
I think the poem was very good.
this is good
I Liked this poem i think about every thing i went tought with my friend. i really liked your poem keep write because you have a gift and i think you would do really far with it.
I love the poem, really touched my heart! Carol
i think this poem has touched me so much i had to write it down and frame it well done i dont think i would be able to do sumthing as lovely as that 10/10
i loved it it realy spoke to me
I grew up with my cousins and lived with them for a while as a child and teenager. This poem sparked some very vivid memories. There were seven of us all together and what one could not think of the other could. We had some great times. So there was always trouble. Very good! Kathy
HI ROBSON GRANT YOU DID A VERY GOOD JOB RIGHTING THIS POEM I C WANTED TO GIVE YOU MY VOTE IF YOU WANT I LOVED YOUR POEM SINCERLY. ESENARI this poem is very cute and very friendesh well robson grant you did a great job righting this poem
good poem i love the poem
I was very moved by these words it brings back a lot of memories of my friend that passed 4 months ago.
such a great poem. i liked it
I loved your pome i sent it to my best friend of 31 years. She has always been my true friend, but then she got married and we drifted a part, but I still love her and I too am married now. I miss her beacuse we just dont have time for each other any more like we did when we were young. I will always bee there for my Best Friend.
This poem describes many things going on in my life right now and it touched my heart. Very well done Robson Grant!
i love this poem, my friend and i are going threw some stuff and this poem just makes me feel better about all of it
This is so good it mad me start to cry. it made me think of some one I just lost as a good friend.
I liked this poem because it reminds me of my best friend who has been there for me since pre-school!
it reminds me of the days when we were kids
This poem truly brought out the meaning of a childhood friend.
My bestfriends and I always thought as kids we'd always be together. And yes, Life holds tons of different pathes and which we all took different ones. I became a mother at 16 years old & then had three more kids then in 2000 got married, one went to college then started a family & got married, the other one gat married & travels all the time. We talk once in a while, but not like we use too.
This was the great peom. I touched my heart. i told all my friends to read it.
it is such a great poem!it's so nice!youre great in doing in it!continue your fantastic job . . . gudluck!
The reason I was looking for a friendship poem is because my best friend is moving to California after our senior year and I needed some words to tell her how I feel. This was the perfect poem-thank you.
girl i loved this poem soooo much i lik almost cried cuz i just lost my best friend and we used to do all the things u wrote in your poem so girl i loved it
inspirational. gud work.
Oh magod this poem is so good that it made me remember ma friend that moved 2 michigan and then i cried cuzof how good it wuz i love this poem. and i want to letma friend that i will always love her no matter wat. and i will never forgrt u jenny
i like it, very much.
I thought it was very good adn very accuractely honest. I would recommend it to any one to send it to their "long time" buddy or to their pen pals. It is very sweet.
i love this poem it really touched me
I like how you express your feelings
nice poem like it alot good words and every thing !
it is very goog please put more pages lke that
hey i realli liked this poem although i am only a young gal and havent lost any of my friends i still liked it cos i was readin through tryin to find a poem for my best friend who is upset . keep up ur fab work
great poem. it make me cried
i think about it is cool and good too i like it
The poem was great! I really liked it, keep up the good work!
hey really i like your poem. its good. keep it up. thx
i think that this is the best poem i read because i know what u r talking about.
Oh another great poem so well said lots of feeling and remembering those child hood days. thank you again.
i can really relate to this pome. i have lost tuch with one of my childhood friends and now i am inspired to find her again. thank you!
A very beautiful poem. It helped me to make up things again. A very specail thanks to the person who has written this. U made my day.
i thought this was really lovely and speaks volumes
this poem left me with no words. that was wonderful keep up the great work i will look forward to more poems by you Mr. Grant great job!
Your poem was really great! I thought about your poem and it made me think about how friends are very important! GOOD WORK!
ths is just like me and my very special sisterlike cousin and it hit home love it!
Great.. i really like it. You are a good poet. Well i think you wrote from the heart. its give me good feelings.
I really love you poem because I havent seen or heard from a dear friend in years. That helped me to remember the good and bad times that we had together-thank you and keep writting poetry, you have a lot of talent.
I wish I could write poetry like this.Its too cool
Hey..I reallt like your poem. I am doing i project in english. And i am doing it on friendship and we had to pick to good poems to put in our project and i picked yours.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Mr. Grant tells the true story of friendship. I liked this poem very much. Please write more of the same!
this hits home quite a bit.

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