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I'm really quite secure in my "BlondeNess", folks, and common sense is normally one of my long suits. So I find that I occasionally have to indulge in some "Blonde" antics - just to keep myself in line.

Ode To Being Blonde

It matters not how smart you are
For if you are a blonde
Dead batteries in a new car
Will render senses gone.

Of course the doors are locked up tight
Forget remote control
The hood won't open, such a plight
To jump this Jag and roll

Oh, such a quand'ry, what to do?
The dealer said to me -
Did the thought occur to you
To op'n it with the key?
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11 Visitor Comments

I love you have it with me.
baby cartoonies
this was funny since my sister is a blonde when show this too her she is for sure to have a b. f
i'm a blonde. i really dont get this poem
uhm im a blonde. but i so dont get that poem. im confused! wats a ode?!?!?!?
i really love this poem it is the total truth(this is coming from a true blonde. I lpove it and think this is one the best poems ever!
I am blonde. BUT a smart one! good poem!
this is prty funny althoe i waz blond at one time.
omg this is so like me i am a typical blond and that is somthin i would do i am consistantally walking into glass doors putting pencils in my hair and forgetting they are even there i get made fun of at school and my nickname is blondey i hate it but who can i balm i am a blond ps i loved it
This poem is just toooo cool. I like the first paragraph. We're working on poetry in school and I get teased about being a blonde who makes straight A's. I think it is hilarious.
I'm a brunette so this poem is funny!
Excellent poem, even though I am a blond

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