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Poems by Nancy Ness

The following index of poems includes all of those submitted by the author and subsequently published on the main site. The date the poem was submitted (not necessary published) is also included with each entry. If the author has published poems under more than one category, their poems are grouped by category.

Love Poems

  • 1999-02-28
    What makes a good poem great? If it's exquisite craftsmanship, you'll certainly find it here. But good poems become great poems because they reveal Truth. And you'll find many levels of Truth discovered here…
  • 1999-01-31
    The lyrical poem holds one of the great Truths of Love. Every couple should post this where they'll see it every day.
  • 1999-01-30
    On first read, this beautifully crafted poem is about Trust. But read more closely, for as with many things in art, there are deeper levels awaiting after the first.
  • 1999-01-25
    To love one another from afar is to engrave each other's essence within our hearts.

Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems

  • 1999-03-28
    Words are how we communicate in life. On the Internet, words are the only way we communicate, and that lends them even more importance.
  • 1999-03-28
    This beautiful poem explodes with imagery, in an attempt to make some small sense of a new cyber-age.

Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

  • 1999-02-13
    Friends are an important part of Life. But so, too, is romantic love. And sometimes it's very, very difficult to separate the two…

Friendship Poems

  • 1999-02-08
    Scientists will tell you that symbiosis is an organic relationship where both organisms benefit. Hey, sounds like a definition of a good friendship to me!

Poems on Life

  • 1999-05-09
    Can we make a difference for the future?
  • 1999-03-28
    This is a very beautiful poem about a unique time in a person's life. A time when responsibility to family has been met and your greatest responsibility is to only to yourself.
  • 1999-02-20
    If you can't be happy alone, you'll never be happy with another. After all, being alone isn't the same as being lonely . . .
  • 1999-02-08
    What is Life? That ages-old question probably has no single answer, but this lovely poem explores one very likely answer.
  • 1999-01-28
    Psychologists call it the Empty Nest syndrome, but they never spoke to us with such wit and charm.
  • 1999-01-26
    Doing for others is a virtue. Doing for yourself, however, is a dire necessity!
  • 1999-01-24
    Everyone, from time to time, needs a little encouragement to get through the day…
  • 1999-01-21
    Ever met someone you thought was just plain lucky? Maybe that person simply recognized the value of Serendipity…

Poems on Life - Family Poems

Poetry Buffet

  • 1999-05-10
    Reflections combine with repetition to describe beauty and enlightenment.
  • 1999-02-03
    Do you listen to the birds? Perhaps you should listen a little more closely…

Poetry Buffet - Humor and Funny Poems

  • 2000-07-25
    Our society has become very lazy and completely dependent upon the conveniences we have available to us today. And that ain't such a bad thing.
  • 2000-07-24
    Some jobs just never seem to be done. But have you ever really wondered why?
  • 1999-05-19
    Every parent has heard stories of the Empty Nest they inevitably must face. But there's another part of the story you might not have heard…
  • 1999-05-09
    Just when we think it's time to take some time for ourselves, it seems there's never enough time.
  • 1999-05-09
    Priorities are often just a matter of proper rationalizations.
  • 1999-03-28
    This hilarious poem will almost certainly cause a certain Doctor of children's verse to roll over in his grave. And probably laugh, too.
  • 1999-03-28
    Blonde is not a hair color. It's a state of mind. Sometimes, a very funny state of mind!
  • 1999-03-28
    New cars are so much fun. Well, most of the time…

Poetry Buffet - Poems on Nature and Beauty

  • 2000-07-25
    The vision of graceful loons descending silently upon a calm lake is surpassed only by the exquisite song they sing to each other.
  • 1999-05-10
    Life, they say, evolved from the oceans. And many of us return to its beauty every day.
  • 1999-02-08
    Few of us are fortunate enough to live in a part of the land where there is a history and beauty that all others envy. Fortunately, however, we do have very talented poets who can tell us about it.
  • 1999-01-27
    Nature often seems to mix Power and Beauty in equal doses. The power of Winter can rule (and rue) our lives, but it takes a poet sometimes to remember the beauty, too.
  • 1999-01-23
    Discover a magical, surreal land filled with both beauty and fantasy. And abundant, too, perhaps with happiNess.
  • 1999-01-22
    The unparalleled beauty of dawn can light our hearts, as well as our way…

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