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Mowing the lawn is one of my least favorite things to do with my time. I'd rather write a poem about it (rationalizing, of course). Since this writing, under protest, I have been forced to mow my yard.

Never fear, however, those stalwart dandelions are returning.

Ode To The Dandelions (or Why I Shouldn't Cut The Grass)

The sun shines high: the rain's gone by.
It's Dandelion Day.
From fertile spawn my plush green lawn
Is mottled yellow spray.

The neighbors' round, all cutting down
Their blades and flowers gay -
Now green they've got, a common lot,
While mine's in vast array.

Why should I mow these lovelies low,
Defying Sunshine's ray?
To bring them down the sun might frown,
And turn blue sky to gray.

I'll let their seeds fallow new weeds
And mow another day.
Resplay they should, the neighborhood.
The Dandelions stay.
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13 Visitor Comments

Love it! It hits a little close to home, haha. ;)
Simply splendid.
This is a fun poem to read out loud. Very funny. Thank you!
Awesome cool, and good. Wow!
Yes. Ur poem is funny. but you prolly knew that. it made melaugh.
simplistic,honest and true !
verry funny! keep writing!
Best poem sofar keep it up!
Instead of feeling guilty about my lawn, I'll read this poem again.
Last April we visited our daughter. Their lawn mower was in the repair shop and consequently the big lawn had not been mowed but instead was beautiful with the biggest and yellowest dandelions I have ever seen. It was a bright sunny day and we had grand fun with our granddaughters picking dandelion blooms which are now beautiful in sparkling bottles of dandelion wine. I hope they had a good chance to reseed so we can make more in 2002.
very cute poem i liked it
Very good in context and I can relate to poem as I hate cutting grass also.
I love to be driving and see fields of dandelions, I think they are so bright and cheerful! Great poem!

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