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Have you ever felt isolated, even with others all around you? Have you ever felt something's wrong - when nothing's wrong? Have you ever felt like no one on earth could possibly understand what you're feeling?

Well, I understand.

The Only One

Somewhere off in the distance,
I could of swore I saw a light.
But only for a second,
Just another trick of the night.
I've been wandering forever,
And darkness has always ruled the skies.
Even with the sun, am I the only one-
To watch the world through jaded eyes?

Am I the only one to ever see black-
And gray rainbows crest the horizon?
Am I the only one to perceive Death,
Or the pale horse he flies on?
Am I the only one to stare face to face,
Through a lion's wild, hypnotic eyes?
Just to touch her mane and dare through pain-
A chance to tame her golden prize.

Am I the only one to reach for a star,
Only to watch it fall from grace?
The only one to dance with Destiny,
Just to see the look on Fate's face?
Am I the only one to cry out in vain,
In the name of the undaunted?
Am I the only one who feels the pain,
Of heroes no-body wanted?

The only one to wake unto the day,
And look to the sky, high and proud;
Only to see laughing maniacally,
A demon in every cloud?
The only one to hear the distant bells,
And understand the call?
The only one to freeze in emptiness-
Behind a miscreant, emotionless wall?

The only one to wander so determined,
On such an aimless quest?
If only to find some peace of mind-
To lay an aching heart to rest.
The only one to sit in a crowded room-
Of people laughing and having fun;
Feeling alone, like some unprogrammed clone?
Am I the only one?
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5 Visitor Comments

I think this poem is outstanding!
This is the best poem i have ever read.
wow. your poem is amazing! it actually describes me!
This one touches me. Cuts through all the layers and gets right to the heart of the matter. Thank you.
he is so talented and i could relate to the situation he describes in this poem

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