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The meaning of life has different meanings to different people in different cultures. it is something we all ask ourselves but there has never been a definitive answer. Here is my answer.

The Meaning Of Life

One day I met a wise old man
Who was sitting in the park
And there upon the bench with him
We talked ‘till early dark

He told me of his travels
To a far off distant land
Where the secret meaning of our lives
Was taught to him first hand

I listened to his story
Amazed by what he said
The simple truth of which he spoke
Was knowledge not widespread

In great detail he did explain
What life was all about
And how the answer we do seek
We don’t have to be without

There was something in his message
That I could not reject
A wisdom that I understood
So simple and direct

My life forever has been changed
By the words I heard that day
A concept old as life itself
And by far the one true way

An answer to the question why
And the reason we exist
Solutions I would not now know
If my walk that day was missed
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9 Visitor Comments

cool poem it really helped me with my re homework.
it is very good\ the best
This is an amazing poem. Chuck if you read this i LOVE your poem it was amazing
Great poem. I'm writing an essay on the meaning of life. this lightened my mood.
excellent poem dude, i used it in my assignment for "search for meaning". hope you don't mind, i loved it!
this is the best poem i have ever heard and i have seen alot of poems it is one of the best poems- i say- in the country of US.
life is so hard
What a beautiful expressionist and writer this man is.
This poem was so beautiful, it really make my heart feel so good...this is a man of a rare talent, I hope to see him go to bigger places..

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