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Poems on Life (201-250)

  • by Kit McCallum
    Life is a circle. Those who were once young will grow old, and those who once were teenagers will someday be the parents of teenagers.
  • by Angela K. Dyson
    This well-crafted poem explores one of the greatest Truths about Life and Love that you will ever discover.
  • by Kit McCallum
    Sometimes the most difficult choices are the very ones that can bring us the greatest rewards.
  • by Marcy
    Childhood is a time we must never forget. As if we ever could…
  • by Shane Downing
    Evil is where you find it. And so, too, is good.
  • by Leslie Callejas
    "To thine own self be true." Good advice from the greatest poet of all. But, uh, Shakespeare forgot something. First, one has to know one's own self…
  • by Michelle Mckee
    Life is always filled with alternatives, and this very clever poem explores the dangers of making the wrong choices.
  • by Shane Downing
    The beautifully crafted poem turns our entire world into a metaphor not soon forgotten.
  • by Faye Jones
    This cute little poem celebrates the founders - of every family in all of history.
  • by Ryan Lauria
    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can be a hell of a lot more painful…
  • by Randy Guilhas
    This beautifully crafted and lyrical poem explores one of the greatest Truths of life - that the parts hidden are the parts most precious.
  • by Stage Diva
    This poem is about perceptions and the way they can be distorted by a society that doesn't recognize true beauty, but instead forces all into a common mold.

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  • by Chuck Pool
    We all seek, and very few find an answer.
  • by Sherri Benner
    Life is often measured by time, but growing up can only be measured by the choices made.
  • by Randy Guilhas
    This lyrical poem is about dreams - the difficulties of holding true to them, and the joys of struggling to make them come true.
  • by Ryan Lauria
    If you could speak directly to God, and ask Him what your purpose in life was, what do you think would be the answer?
  • by Eric Galla
    If there is a single Constant in the Universe it's that nothing is constant. Everything changes…
  • by Tina K
    Can you count how many times you've been loved and then hurt? Do you want to?
  • by Tina K
    This is one of those poems that takes a little work to achieve understanding, but the message is enhanced by your effort and well worth your time.
  • by Fred Hobbs
    This wonderful poem is certainly about Life, but it's also about death and friendship, blurring the boundaries - and the limitations - of categories. It will bring you a chuckle and a tear, and perhaps a little wisdom.
  • by Judy Hartman
    There is a very special relationship between Mother and Daughter, made all the more so when the man in their lives is gone.
  • by Steven Solis
    You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time. But can you fool yourself?
  • by Maria Gonzalez
    Have you ever tried to change someone to suit your own perceptions? This is a very clever, original piece that has a great deal to say in very few words.
  • by Leah Houghton
    Getting past the stumbling blocks of Life isn't easy. This poem offers some very profound, yet simple, advice.
  • by Reinhardt Möller
    Do you know the true meaning of Life? This beautifully lyrical poem explores the possibility that maybe you do - and just don't realize it yet.
  • by Lindi Rusek
    When a child is taken from a young mother, with no recourse to justice or love, we can only imagine the pain and anger and inevitable frustration. But, if there's to be survival, there also has to be hope.
  • by Eric Galla
    Humanity, many say, is the only species on this planet capable of reasoning. Maybe. And maybe sometime that isn't really the answer to coping with life.
  • by Brian Quinn
    When you go on a search for wisdom, you won't always find the answers you expected. Or wanted…
  • by Aj
    This poem is about something none of us want and all of us accumulate throughout our lives. This poem is about regrets.
  • by Andrea Engelman
    We all have angels in our lives. And when you go looking for yours, perhaps you have less far to look than you might think.
  • by Brian Quinn
    Life can be cruel, and sometimes we're forced to abandon many things. Family. Love. Our future. But this heartfelt poem, written by a poet who knows, tells us there is one thing we must never give up…
  • by Faye Jones
    The beautifully crafted poem is about the inevitability of being separated, at some points in our lives, from those we love. And it teaches us how to cope with the inevitable.
  • by Tara Marshall
    This poem is about an epiphany induced by a beautiful, very special night.
  • by Nancy Ness
    If you can't be happy alone, you'll never be happy with another. After all, being alone isn't the same as being lonely . . .
  • by Jason Silverthorne
    Life is a constant stream of choices, and the decisions we make are always within our own hands. Aren't they?
  • by Annie Basile and Lloyd Klumpp
    When two friends also happen to be talented poets, the result of a quiet evening together can result in something beautiful - like this poem.
  • by Angela K. Dyson
    When someone tells you that you "can," they're probably right. When someone says you "can't," they are almost certainly wrong. This poem uses a delightful metaphor to explore this very real Truth.
  • by Diane Blue
    This wonderfully simple poem explores the very real dangers of not recognizing that children have feelings and needs, too.
  • by Angell
    This poem is about dreams and frustrations and, well, about Life…
  • by Cooper
    All of Life is about change, but this is a very special poem about a very special time of change for women.
  • by Jessica Kulzer
    Want some good advice?
  • by Fred Hobbs
    This insightful poem describes one woman, named Miranda, and in doing so describes an all too common human condition. Loneliness.
  • by Nichole O'Bryan
    It's in the news, it's in the entertainment media, it's in our thoughts and fears. What do you think the new millennium will bring?
  • by Faye Jones
    Good poetry should bring us wisdom and insight, and perhaps even leave us better people. This poem, about death and love, is Good Poetry.
  • by Wolfgang
    Is this a poem about Life or one about Beauty? Maybe it's both - a Beautiful poem about Life, and the lessons we can learn from nature.
  • by Casidy Reynaud
    Going to school should be fun. It should be one of the best times of your whole life. But, sometimes, other people make that impossible.
  • by Nancy Ness
    What is Life? That ages-old question probably has no single answer, but this lovely poem explores one very likely answer.
  • by S. Selina Jamil
    What is Life? At times, the answers are not we might think.
  • by Edward Castro
    How should you live your life? Read on…
  • by Philip Zemler
    This poem is an attempt to recapture a vision too often lost -- when we become "adults."
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