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This poem is about how my angel is not just around me, but inside me as well. My angel is my other completes me.

Where Angels Dwell

Where does your angel dwell? One may inquire,
He's in the breeze that blows across my cheek,
His passions burn bright in the flames of fire,
His gentle voice flows freely through the creek.

Rays of light reflect the hope he brings,
His dreams are sweet tunes whispered in my ear,
Inspiring thoughts of his I wish to sing,
His tears fall on the glass and all is clear.

He dives into my soul and there he dwells,
Explores it to its depth but soon he sees,
That there is far too much for him to tell,
'Tis true but learning this, he is at ease.

He encompasses my heart, there too, he stays,
Eternally remains content he sits,
My heart will hold him until the last day,
Or let him go when he decides to quit.

So when one asks, Where does your angel dwell?
I say, not from the clouds or heav'ns above,
And think not of that phrase when there's a bell,
Sculpted are his wings of faith and love.

He is not by my side for you to know,
Sent from God he flies like the white dove,
Brought here he has helped me learn to grow,
My angel is my heart and soul and love.
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2 Visitor Comments

It's the birthday of my stillborn babe and I found this! He would be eleven today. Thanks.
it is a very nice poem and it makes me belive in angels more.

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