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This is a poem inspired by a challenge from another poet here, Nancy Ness. She challenged us to use the phrase "It takes two" in a poem, and this was my response.

I've always been fascinated with the feelings that a busy city street can evoke at night. I'm not currently a city boy (I've lived in a cozy suburb since 1985), but my first 4 years of life were in the city, and I think it's stuck with me. There seems to be so much that the city can say to us, and this is my attempt to translate what I believe the city is telling us.

The City's Whispers

Try walking alone one night
on some bright city street.
Listen to the noise and
confusion and chaos that
swirl around you,
like the music you remember
hearing the first time
you fell in love.
Listen hard,
because intricately woven
within every sound that
passes you by
is a whisper,
a quiet voice
that speaks with the
wisdom only
an aged and learned city
can possess.
And if you ever manage
to fade away from
the reality of it all,
leaving only the
intertwined rhythms
that tell the stories of
all the people this
great city has seen,
the words will finally make
themselves clear:
"To live, to learn, to love,
it takes two . . . "
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4 Visitor Comments

I really like this poem
I live in the city, it's nice to know people don't still think of it in a bad light. Your poem also helped my research paper, so thanks.
like you, i'm a city girl gone suburbs, but when i go into the city, i take a minute just to listen. awesome poem
it ruled

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