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I love watching the stars at night, and on this particular night, I felt very lonely, and the only company I had were the stars, so I felt like being part of the scene, sky, stars, clouds. I was really amazed by the beauty of it all.


lazy days
lonely nights
looking for a lonely star
who'd keep me company

looking at the widespread sky
being me a lonely soul
gazing at the moon so bright
making wishes `pon a star

a blow of breeze
to animate
the freezing scene

so the strings of white gold ribbons
seem to tease the lonely moon
because it is standing still
and they are free to move

"twinkle twinkle little star . . . "
I used to sing when I was young
now I've grown but still today
" . . . how I wonder what you are"

lying down upon the meadows
dream of flying up so high
reach the stars, sit on the moon
dancing ballet with the clouds

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7 Visitor Comments

this poem touch me and it is so intersting poem i ever heard
june star
i realy liked you'r poem it has taught me much i thank you for all you do on this web, you are a sweet person bless you.
I like this poem,because I myself like to watch stars, moon, and sky at night-time. They are my friends. I often talk with them. Best wishes.
so true for all of us- any age-alone or not- beautiful way to put what we all will feel at least once gazing at the night sky
i liked this because it sounded like there was no end to the shy and it made me think how far away every thing is in my life!

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