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This is a poem about my point of view of a very good life: Living in the moment and dreaming (or keeping high hopes) about the future.

Tonight I Dream, Tomorrow I Live

Ah! Do you dream at night?
Is a dream of light or twilight,
Of hope or of joy maybe?
I describe it as an escape,
A way of being happy
In a world we can entirely shape.

Ah! Did you dream last night?
Mystical powers at hand,
And energy replenished to the fullest.
In fact, you dream to rest
And live for a next sunlight.
Am I truly right
Or you don't understand?

Ah! Did you live today?
Watching, breathing and tasting
The merry life of each day.
Every element I'm sensing
Has a value to my humble heart.
Therefore I will be, for my part,
What I am destined to be.

Ah! Will you live tomorrow?
Know that there is always a way
Leading through our destiny.
See it, feel it you may
Staying on it won't be easy.
So, take my hand and follow.
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5 Visitor Comments

i love this poem it has a true meaning and its a powerful message. "I LOVE IT"
This poem touched me sooo much and I am almost positive that it did to everyone else who read it! I truely think that this is something so keep up the great work!
I really enjoyed the poem about dreaming. I have dreamed of meeting the right person and still have the faith of meeting him face to face soon.
the poem is excellent
this touched my heart in a way it fit so perfect. you do a wonderful job. i thank you for sharing this. alica

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