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This is an older poem, at least thirty years in my past, and it's certainly not one of my better crafted ones. And yet, in spite of its weaknesses, I think there are some important Truths hidden in its lines.

Is love an evolutionary process? My teenage self seemingly thought so when he penned these lines. And while he was much too young, with far too little experience in the joys and pains of love, I sometimes wonder if - just maybe - he enjoyed an insight I have since lost.

Is love an evolutionary process? And, if so, where does the end of growth lie?

My First Love

Youth took its accounting:
My First Love sped past,
Painful and hardening,
As was its task.

My first taste of life,
(And a piece of my soul)
That First Love left me wiser,
But left my heart empty and cold.

I tried to laugh and sing,
Seeming not to mind;
When all the time I was crying,
My heart was breaking inside.

But time is the greatest of healers,
And in time I laughed far better.
Yet, inside my heart was still cold;
I lived my life still bitter.

A second love, a third love,
And finally a fourth.
None seemed to matter,
None had any worth.

And then, at a special party
I finally started to have fun;
For I met a special woman --
She was the special one.

She was quiet and shy,
And didn't say much;
But I sighed at her look,
And I trembled at her touch.

We danced for hours and hours,
Quiet and happy at last;
And my mind went back to another,
Of a place and time long past.

"Is this what the Good Lord intended,
When my First Love left my life?
For this woman I hold in my arms
To one day become my wife?"

And so it came to pass,
And I thank the Lord each hour
For the vastness of his wisdom
And the immensity of his power.

We lived a lot together,
And loved even more;
A child came our way,
Which I thank the Good Lord for.

Now the years have long slipped past,
And things seldom remain the same.
Yet, at times I think of that First Love,
And wonder -- what was her name?
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8 Visitor Comments

i love your poem. i have fell in love once and it was really hard i dont think i trull think it is over. i loved him so much and reading your poem it made me see that no matter how bad he hurt me i will find another love.
WEll i like this poem becoz it is much the same with me. except that i did not marry my first love or my second love. My heart is still cold from that second love and i think it will saty that way. Great Poem mate
this poem is beautiful it touched me because i can relate to it from the female side. You reminded me of my past and much better my presnt is. thank you for sharing such a beautiful story through poetry.
I'm a addict poem reader. I got read many many poem,but only few of them will be able to touch my heart. This is one of those which not only touch my heart but also remain's as a unforgettable poem ever. Through this poem ,i can feel the writer's feeling. I admire each line of the poem and the best line is the last two line which the writer remember's of his first love. a superb poem. well done
A poem so true. Wonderful
I am only 15 and don't have much experience yet, but your poem touched something inside me
I enjoyed this poem.......It brings back memories.......!
I loved this poem, and I too, have felt the pain you speak of

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