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I'm ashamed to admit I don't remember who originally inspired this poem. That's sad because, for all its simplicity, it's one that means a lot to me. Each woman I've loved, at the time I loved her, seemed to epitomize what God intended when he gave Mankind the gift of Love. And so, each woman I've loved, at the time I loved her, could have been my inspiration.

I'd like to believe that's the case. Then, I wouldn't feel quite so bad admitting I've given this same poem to more than one person.

In The Beginning

God said let there be light,
And there was light.

God said let there be life,
And the birds took flight.

God said let there be stars,
And the stars shone through.

God said let there be love,
And there was you.
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7 Visitor Comments

It is nice to mention God.
simple and poignant
i love this poem i sent it to my soon to be husband and he doesnt know this but thats going to be in my vows i really love this poem keep on writing and touching peoples heart!
this poem is short but sweet...thank u Ron....I especially liked what u wrote about...."each woman.. I'll but I'll but man.. I've loved at the time I loved him seemed to epitomize what God intended when he gave mankind the gift of love" I think that's what I've been trying to say but I couldn't find the words to say thank you.....TENE
short, simple, but says so much
That poem is that best..I thought that was so sweet...Thanks for sharing that poem with us..
A simple yet very captivating piece of work!

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