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All things change. People. Relationships. Even that eternal, ever-burning passion we call love. Nothing remains constant for more than a heartbeat. Nothing stays the same.

Perhaps if we recognize the Truth of inevitable change, we can take steps to control its direction. Things change. For good, or for ill. Which path is your love on?


Unveiling those Spring eyes,
Set adrenaline flowing through,
All is new right through,
To blossoming trees,
And that's not the only thing,
Changes that aren't unwelcome,
But at first disturbing,
As the mystery seeps in,
Holding your heart a mind,
In such a tangle,
Yet you know it makes sense.

Summer yearns,
And sneaks slowly into your heart,
Without even knowing,
You're in so deep,
Without even seeing,
Till your half-way through,
By then the changes grip,
Turn your heart to an whole new dimension,
On a high, As a cool summer breeze,
Falling deeper, Not wanting to end.

Then with a bang Autumn hits,
Those warm Summer days,
Disappear so quick,
All the sudden,
You're all on your own,
A Tree without its leaves,
Might as well be,
A yearning for leaving Summer behind,
And time forces to go on.

Winter comes with cold in its hands,
And no longer reasons to stay,
Like a bird to move on,
Freedom seeks its wings,
And soars on a journey,
So long and hard,
But still going all the same.

Fly to freedom to spring once more,
Again all new,
To an undiscovered land,
Let summer take you once more,
To the familiar warmth,
To hope it never ends.
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