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This poem was written as part of a romance novel I am pursuing to write. It was written about the strong bond of love my two characters share, yet it's message is timeless, and certainly not fictional. Thinking of my own soulmate..(my husband) helped me find the words. My life and love with him has always been just as romantic as any novel, and this poem is for anyone who believes in fate, destiny, and that the soul has bonds from its past. Bonds that it is always searching to find, to reconnect with to be whole, to be complete. The strongest bond being love.

Eternal Soulmates

You are the one,
with whom I'm destined to be,
across space and time,
you are drawn to me,

One love, one life, we are destined to be,
soulmates forever throughout eternity,
In past lives I have loved you,
In this life I love you too,

And I know if I shall live again,
I am destined to love you,
across space and time, you are drawn to me,
One love, one life, we are destined to be,

Soulmates forever throughout eternity,
I know I'll always find you where ever you are,
No matter the consequence,
No matter how far,

Even in death I shall love you more,
to fuel my search to find you,
so we shall love once more,
across space and time, you are drawn to me

One love, one life, we are destined to be,
Soulmates forever throughout eternity.
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23 Visitor Comments

i love this poem because my baby died almost three years ago. i have always believed soulmates are forever, and that's what i intend to spend with my baby: forever.
I temporarily lost my soulmate on Dec. 30, 2004 to eternity. She is with me even now and one day I shall be with her. It's a beautiful poem.
Thank You so much for writing this lovely Poem remembering Soulmates. I lost my Husband who was my Best Friend and my Soulmate to Cancer. You have expressed all that I feel in your lovely Poem.
I too found my soul mate and everything thing she say or tell me i c what i am long searching for in love .
This is a wonderful poem it actually says word by word how I feel about my soulmate.
this poem touched me at the bottom to the top of my heart it is excatly what i have always felt bout the man i love those words in the poem have so much meaning to me
I find the words to this poem beautifully written. Truely spoken from the heart
I love the poem. I am in love i found my soulmate. No matter the distance. I love him still. Your poem touch me and my situation.
I love this poem. It really touched my heart.
i loved this poem iv found my true love hes wonderful hes in austin at this time whill im here in littlefield
when you have found your true soulmate then you have a great deal of understanding how wonderful to be with your soulmate even if it means to be with them just momemts in this place called earth.
This poem truly touched me. I never read anything lke this before. It made me think,what does live mean to me. And i understood,that it is everything for everybody.
This poem touched me because I have my soulmate in Chile, and when I read it, I realized that love can be anywhere, and when it is real love, you know it. Congratulations to the author, Lisa Teller, and thank you for making me smile and feel happy, in love.
I really enjoyed this poem. I have been with my soulmate for 12years and that is how i fel about him.
This is a wonderfull poem it touched my heart. This is exactly how I feel about my soulmate.
I must congratulate you on this one it is so beautifully put. As i do believe that we all have sould mates and we will always find them.
I'm getting married on June 5th (one year to the day of our first, fateful date) to my soulmate. This is his 4th marriage and my 3rd. But as far as a real marriage, it is the first time for both of us. I wanted to find a poem that described in words how I feel about this man and our amazing relationship. YOUR POEM IS IT! It is so beautiful. It's the feelings that I possess but don't have the talent of putting into words so beautifully like you can! I hope you don't mind if I recite it, to your credit, at our intimate ceremony in on a bluff in Laguna Beach.
This poem represent what I've been searching for, for the last 20 years and I finally found him. I'm an American and he is British. Thank you Lisa Teller for this is the poem worthy of our love for each other. (PS we met online)
This poem made me cry it was so moving. If you are lucky enough to truly find your soul mate, this must be how you feel.
Incredibly moving poem! I adore you Lisa Teller!
I loved this poem from the first verse! Very Beautifully written! Great Job.
This poem is the best way to describe the that you feel about someone. This is very very good.

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