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I wrote this after a telephone call with my girlfriend, during which I felt she was not being completely open with me about how she was feeling. I wanted to let her know that I would always be there for her, and this is the result.

A Shoulder To Cry On

I get the strangest feelings,
like I don't know what is happening with me.
Confusion and worry torture me at times,
refusing to leave me to enjoy my love.

Is she being open and completely honest?
If something is wrong, will she tell me?
If she isn't, or won't then why?
Did I do something wrong?

If so please tell me, I need to know,
so that I can rectify any thing I did wrong.
If not then why won't she tell me,
is it me, and if not, then what?

I know that she loves me, she tells me herself,
and whenever she does, I know that it is true.
The warmth in her voice tells me,
the way the letters read tells me that I am loved.

I am loved by her, and I do love her too
she is my light and the one I live for.
But I need to be able to help
whenever she needs it.

But to be able to help, and show that I care,
I need to know that there is a problem.
So, my loved one, if ever you are down,
remember that I want to comfort you.

I will be there for you no matter what
there will be hard times, we know that already.
But together we have got through them,
as I believe we can overcome any obstacle in our way.

So my dearest, if nothing else remember this,
I will never leave you, that would be impossible for me,
and if ever you are worried or upset or lonely,
remember that I want you to cry on my shoulder.

I want to feel that I can help you more,
than simply by saying that I care.
I want to show you in ways that are indefinable,
that I love you with all my heart.

So please come to me my sweet,
come to my arms if ever you cry.
If you feel like the world is against you,
remember that I will hold you close.

I will protect you from any problems,
I will never let anything hurt you.
This is a plea from my whole heart to you,
let me be your refuge from harm.
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this is the best peom ever. i know because i've been through this once and nobody was there to help me.

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