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I've had writer, s block for a while now, and ally that to my busy schedule, and you can tell why I've not written much recently. I wish I had more time to write, but that's life. Anyway, I wanted to attempt something more "poetic" where I define poetic to be abstract, yet understandable, using beautiful words to produce an overall impression. Previously my poems could be said to be more "material" or "matter- of- fact" and I wanted to break from this. This poem is just, as the title suggests, an attempt to describe a loving kiss, and when I say loving, I mean loving in all senses of the word. A kiss between two people who are at one with each other. Hopefully I've conveyed some of the feelings in this poem, and for those who read it, let the words wash over you, as this is how I intend it to be read.

Author's Note: the final two lines, in italics, should be whispered.

The Kiss

Floating in liquefied,
purified thoughts.
Rarefied atmosphere,
life is as naught.

Seeking to enlighten,
heighten the pleasure.
Feelings of drowning,
sinking at leisure

Being is weightless,
timeless and vacant
Enveloped in nothing
opaquely translucent

Covered in silence,
coherence and peace.
Ethereal beauty
makes total release.

Ephemeral yet tenuous,
sensuous and pure.
Deepest, dark passion
hearts never so sure.

Sublime admiration
conflagration of soul
Darling I love you
you make me whole.
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This poem is so awesome! I absolutely loved it! I would die if someone wrote something like this for me!

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