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My poem is about my endeavoring love for my truly beloved fiancée. I never believed in a long distance relationship, but I've fallen in love with this person that I've been with for 17 months. I feel safe and secure with this bondage that we have and I hope that it continues to grow and grow. So this poem is about my fiancée.

Passionate Encounter

When I look up in the skies,
I can see your beautiful brown eyes,
and how lovely it would be for you and me
to be together for an eternity.
I like the way we roll
and the way we told
people that we don't care
if they stare at lovers not having an affair.
I'm typing this to let you see
that I only have a little jealousy.

In my mind I have just enough time to tell you
how much I love and care for you.
From dusk till dawn, I look upon the love that we share
and the honesty we bare.
I know this is not new,
but I'm head over heels for you.

Time I need no more to think
because I've found out what this really is.
It's a relationship that been on the rocks,
but we're still more than friends.
I don't know about you,
but the things I do
are always for my baby boo.

I always wish upon a star
and hope that my dreams will come true.
My mind takes over matter,
and causes my words to splatter
my love for you all over the world.

I'm glad that you think of me more than being a little girl.
At times it seems hard, but I never will depart,
for your love makes me strong,
so nothing else could go wrong.
I'll love you for an eternity and forever,
my passionate encounter.
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5 Visitor Comments

nice poem i dont know all about the relationship to understand about the being on the rocks part
I rate this poem as 100 because it's something I can relate too.
I do like this poem, it is very showing of emotion and shows thought not only in the mind, but from the heart and deep within. The person who posted before said something about good for an amiture, truthfully there is no such thing as an amiture poet, in fact I would call this one a very good one. If it comes from the heart, turning feelings into words which can be very hard, and truely was written with feeling then it is writen by a perfetional in my opinion. Thankyou for sharing your poem with us
I really enjoyed this beautiful poem written by an amateur. Keep up the good work!

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