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Love is an art you have to learn. It just doesn't come to you, or fall from the sky. How do you love a Juliet if your name is not Romeo? I'm still not quite sure if I can answer that question yet.

I wrote this poem when I found the love of my life. One of which I had lost for quite sometime. And unfortunately, I've lost again.

This poem is dedicated to the one I love. But, I'm not sure if my love is strong enough. For my name is not Romeo.


I can see her sensual glaring eyes.
This beauty I can't resist.
Her sweet sent, her wonderful touch,
Her unerasable kiss.
Her blossomed lips I long to caress,
Her face I long to touch.
I never knew for the life of me,
That I would love her so very much.
I don't know what to do,
I don't know what to say.
When will I ever know?
So how do you love a Juliet?
For my name is not Romeo.

Her luscious skin I can taste in
My mind,
And I can feel her in my finger tips.
I want to trace her curves,
Steal her heart,
Place my hands upon her hips.
This fire still burns deep within,
There are no doubts or fears.
With her in my life,
It always feels right,
And I'll try to erase her tears.
I want to hold her in my arms,
And never let her go.
But how do you love a Juliet?
For my name is not Romeo.

She flourishes in my blood,
She remains strong in my heart.
I will not deny,
For I'll truly die,
If we would ever part.
I want to be her solar system,
I want to swim in her lust.
I want her to believe in me,
I want to earn back her trust.
I can't believe I was so willing
To ever let her go.
So how do you love a Juliet?
For my name is not Romeo.
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6 Visitor Comments

this poam is great its the best i have read all day
This is deep and amazing! Good Job! -Juliet
This is a wonderful poem. I also wanted the poet to know that i wish him luck through out all and everything to have a wonderful life in every way possible. Peace
your poem is very interesting. lol
Wow, that is such a good poem. I wish someone felt that way about me! The girl you have in mind is awfully lucky.
Man, that was so touching. It gives me great hope to see a male out there who is a true romantic, and able to recreate his emotions like that. It was an awesome poem.

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