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I wrote this poem for my boyfriend. He has always been there for me even after all the times I decided that I wanted to date other people. After awhile, I finally realized what I had lost: a great, loving, and kind person.

When I asked him to take me back, he found it in his heart to forgive me and take me back. He is every special to me.

My Love, My Life

You have always been there
When I needed someone,
When I needed a friend.
When I made a mistake,
You always let it slide,
As if you didn't take notice of it.
Every time I went astray,
You were always there,
Waiting for me,
Just somehow knowing,
I would come back to you
Once more.
I don't know how I can thank you
Or love you enough
For all you've done for me,
For all the love you've given me,
While expecting nothing in return.
Your patience with me has been so great,
Probably greater than
It ever should have been.
But am I ever glad,
Ever so glad,
Because even though it took me so long
To realize that you are
My only one.
There's nothing I'd much rather do than
Share my life with you.
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6 Visitor Comments

This is just the kind of poem i really needed right now. The love of my life just left me after 4 of the greatest years I have ever had because she said she needed to figure out who she was and what she needed. I told her I would always wait for her and be there for her and this poem just lets me know that she may come back to me down the road no matter what happens. It was a beautiful poem and I'm glad to hear everything worked out so well for you. Congradulations on finding your love once again.
It's a pretty good poem, makes me slightly jealous because my ex 'loved' me and he has a gf right now but still admits he wants to be with me.
what can one say to a friend more than has been outlined in this poem
This is a really touching piece. it reminds my husband and i of our past. it hits close to home!
When I read this poem it just touch my heart. It made me think about my relationship with my boyfriend.
Gabby like I said on the board your poem was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work

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