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Love Poems (401-450)

  • by Spirit
    The beginning of love are a tumultuous time, a time of insecurities and passions. And, too, it's a very wonderful time…
  • by Xallanthia Zentralthan
    The gift of flowers is almost a cliché, but cliches become cliches because they have within them a spark of Truth.
  • by Kyle Poole
    Love can make even a quiet little dinner seem like an extraordinary experience.
  • by Kitty
    The author submitted this in the Love category, but I moved it to the Sad one. Then I moved it back again. Yea, it really is that kind of poem. Read it and enjoy it - before I move it again.
  • by Michelle Mckee
    The lovely poem explores Love through the use of a very unique, very beautiful metaphor.
  • by Tara Simms
    They say anything carried to extremes can be dangerous. Even passion…
  • by Tara Simms
    Competition is healthy and good in most things. But not in the realms of Love…
  • by Marc Coxall
    Metaphors twirl, one to another, as a poet explores the feelings of a perfect love.
  • by Sharon Rotondi
    This is a very beautiful poem with a very simple Truth: Love that survives long enough can only grow stronger and more intense.
  • by Sara Childers
    Sex is a joining of bodies, but Love is a joining of souls.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    There is a comfort in human touches. Especially when the touch comes from one loved dearly…
  • by Judy Burnette
    Time is a very subjective thing. And when you miss someone dear, a single day can stretch to eternity.

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  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    Many of us go through life experiencing times of Love and no-Love, like a teeter-totter placed on the fulcrum of our memories.
  • by Jenn Hodges
    Our vision of the world is very different when we're touched by love.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    The poem is short, the description shorter. But the promises will take a lifetime to fulfill.
  • by Aaron Hill
    The words I love you are not a statement, but a dialog. And, sometimes, the dialog is a difficult one to begin.
  • by Andrea Hill
    Like a whirlwind, this beautiful poem sweeps from one metaphor to the next in an attempt to describe the undescribable. And that, after all, is part of the poet's job…
  • by Andrea Hill
    This is a beautifully crafted poem exploring the war that can rage within us when our hearts and minds cannot agree on what they want and need. The poet has done a masterful job of capturing this all too common conflict.
  • by Richard James Bayless
    If French is the language of love, then surely Paris is its center.
  • by Oneofmany
    This is a wonderful poem not only of Love, but of inspiration and trust.
  • by Chanelle De Winter
    Do you hear voices? Maybe it's not madness. Maybe it's just Love.
  • by Chanelle De Winter
    The rhymes of the is poem will delight you, and it's message make you smile.
  • by Sam
    This poem is a little confusing until you realize that every other stanza is spoken from a different person's viewpoint. Then, it makes beautiful sense.
  • by Whispering Wind
    When we willingly abandon our freedom, there can only be one reason…
  • by Nancy Ness
    What makes a good poem great? If it's exquisite craftsmanship, you'll certainly find it here. But good poems become great poems because they reveal Truth. And you'll find many levels of Truth discovered here…
  • by Carol Shivers
    This is a very clever and original poem, exploring a very simple Truth too often overlooked - our Universe is full of halves that only together can make a whole.
  • by Katie Kompinski
    Sometimes, the simple promises are the best. And the most beautiful.
  • by Jason Silverthorne
    This delightfully funny and thoughtful poem proves a very old cliché - Love is, indeed, blind. And aren't we all really glad it is?
  • by Peggy Smith
    When Love is our motivation, is there anything we would not willingly give?
  • by Mark Acciard
    This poem is about the beginning of intimacy and trust. And perhaps, about the beginnings of love.
  • by Webby
    For thousands of years, poets and lovers have struggled for new and original ways to say it. And yet…
  • by Carol Shivers
    Love can awaken many things. Even a new life…
  • by Judith Stafford
    This exquisitely crafted poem is about love lost, but it's also about the power of hope - that lost love can be found again.
  • by Matthew Dalton
    We all look at love differently. But some people look at it very differently, and this delightfully funny poem is by one such person.
  • by Simon Agamemnon
    This is a powerful poem about excitement and remembrances, about comfort and peace. It's about new-found love and a new-found understanding of what love really means.
  • by Ingrid Y
    This poem explores Love through dichotomies, juxtapositions, and searing imageries seldom associated with the gentle emotion.
  • by }X{Angel}X{
    Love excites all of a person's senses, and when you can't see or touch the one you desire, there are other alternatives.
  • by Gabby Leigh
    When Love is faced with trials, and eventually overcomes, it can make the Love stronger. And more appreciated, too.
  • by Wolfgang
    This is a poem of love, separation, and magical messengers. It's a poem Poe would have loved. And I think you will, too…
  • by Aj
    There are many, many parts to Love. Many, many facets. This poem explores a very common one…
  • by Francesca Ruzzini
    Have you ever wanted to tell someone to shut up and just do what comes naturally? This short, poignant poem says it as only a gifted writer could…
  • by Texas Rose
    Only when you find the one you love do you realize what has been missing.
  • by Diane Blue
    Love often has to surmount many barriers and, in today's society, one of them is sometimes physical distance.
  • by Diane Blue
    Comparing Love to a flower is not unusual, but this poem represents a somewhat new look at an old poetic device. For flowers, like Love, can die from neglect…
  • by Louis Jenson
    For some, the words I Love you aren't easily said. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're not true.
  • by Tara Simms
    This lovely poem expresses a brilliant metaphor and, in doing so, reveals an equally brilliant Truth about love.
  • by Meghan Flood
    It seems that when you're in love, everything in the world becomes a metaphor…
  • by Brandi Schneider
    This poem is about utter commitment to one person…
  • by Kayn
    This poem is about newly discovered Love and the impact it can have on us. It's also very much about hope…
  • by Angela K. Dyson
    The definition of frustration: Loving someone too blind to see your love.
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