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I have recently met "The One". I always thought that "The One" was the figment of some lovesick fools imagination, but no longer. It is as if I have finally come home, come home to the place I started out from, when I had nothing to hide, no sins to bear and no demands to make. It is an intangible, yet so tangible feeling, of complete and utter peace in my love for her and our God. Maybe through this poem, someone else may be able to put a finger on their feeling, and in doing so find their direction again, the direction that will take them home.

The Peace That You Provide

I watch the stars tonight,
with you so far away,
lost in my loneliness,
I picture your face and pray
that you'll return to me someday.

It is so strange to consider that
I have known you for less than a week,
and yet you know me as I know myself,
I am before you childlike and meek,
the innocence and honesty from you I seek.

The dew is settling on the grass now,
the grass where we first lay
together, moving in perfect harmony,
coaxing, teasing and in a way
giving our promise to together stay.

I ponder the miracle of you,
of the peace you promised in tones
of gentle love, of gentle love,
and of the fierce love that has suddenly grown
from the knowledge that you will guide me home.

Home to the place I was before.
To the comfort and security,
to the warmth and love, of you,
the one I have waited so long to meet.

The dawn is breaking now and finally I can sleep.
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My partner and I are search for poems. We plan on creating two tatoos. Each tatoo would contain half of the words of the poem, (every other word for the first tatoo and the other words for the second). I love your poem.
okey!!not bad!!

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