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This is a poem about the growth and realization of love--a love that started out as a simple friendship, but grew into a serious, life-long commitment. The love in this poem is more about commitment than feeling. But because the commitment is real, the feeling becomes deeper between the people in love. This is real love between two people that nothing can separate.

One Day

We sat together in the sand that day;
The sun was bright when we started to play.
We were so young, so I didn't know
how things would be through the years, as we'd grow.

We ran together through the sand that day;
I chased you around, and you ran away.
We splashed in the ocean until the sun began to fade.
You cried when I smashed the sand castle you made.

I saw you lying on the sand that day;
You were so pretty, I didn't know what to say.
So I ran away, but I wish I'd stayed.
I wanted to talk to you, but I was afraid.

I saw you watching me on the sand that day;
I remembered the times when together we'd play.
So I followed you when you ran away,
I wanted to talk to you, so I asked you to stay.

Soon we heard wedding bells in the sand one day;
We knew it would happen, somehow some way.
From the first time I saw you, I knew we'd be together,
I promise to love you from now until forever.

I'm walking alone in the sand today;
It's been four years since you went away.
Our kids are all grown and started a life,
I miss you more each day; you'll always be my wife.

I'm watching you walk in the sand today;
Don't cry for me, 'cause I'm not far away.
I'm safe here now, in heaven above,
and I know that even death cannot separate our love.
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11 Visitor Comments

This is a great poem
very nice. thank you.
I vote on this poem. Because it touched my heart. I no how this person feels. I lost my husband 6 months ago. And I feel the same way. Love is something that dont just die or go away when you lose someone.
Not much more to say. beautiful! Very touching.
bittersweet,beautiful and touching. it brought tears to my eyes.
Touching beyond words...Uplifting and yet heart rending...
Perfect !.. The sweetest poem I've eva read .. so touching and . undescribable
that was truly beautiful
This is excellent! Very touching and moving...good job Sam!
Really very sad and touching
i absolutely love this poem.

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