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Did you ever get the feeling something was so close you could reach out and touch it and yet, it isn't within your grasp? This is a common feeling , I think, because things come in two's, most of the time. Two halves make a whole, you just have to find that other half and I wrote this after finding mine. The wait was well worth the time!

Distant Shores

Before we met, you and I were halves,
unjoined except in the wide rivers of our minds.
We were each other's distant shore,
the opposite wings of birds,
the other half of a shell...

We did not know each other then,
did not know our determination to keep alive
the cry of one riverbank to the other.
We were apart, yet connected
in our ignorance of each other,
like two apples sharing a common tree.....

I knew you existed
long before you understood my desire
to join my loneliness to yours.
Our paths collided long enough
for our indecision to be swallowed up
by the greater needs of love. ..

Then you came to me..
The sun surged towards the earth
and the moon escaped from darkness,
to bless the union of two spirits
so alike that your pain became my discomfort.
In the hour when I stood naked,
you were there to play the drums of life for us....

Beloved partner, keeper of my heart's darkest secrets,
clothed in summer blossoms
so the icy hands of winter
never touches us,
I thank you for your patient love....

We are the reason the world can laugh
on it's battlefields,
and rise from the ashes
of it's selfishness, to hear me say,
In this time, this place, this way,
I love you the best of all....
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2 Visitor Comments

Great poem! Can anyone tell me how to contact the author? I tried a few months ago to contact her, but no luck! I'd like to use it on my website.
This is a very Talented poet. This poem awakened such personal feelings, it felt as though it was writen to me. I still have tears in my eyes.

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