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When you love someone you can't be with, the memories are usually all you have. Memories can be so beautiful. They leave us with warm feelings and believing that someday our dreams will come true.

Memories 2

Yesterday's memories have become pictures for today;
I think of you
I close my eyes
You're no longer far away.

The petals of a rose
have taken on a different hue;
I no longer just smell their fragrance
I now see pictures of time spent with you.

The way you hold me when I first arrive
long silences...just lying close to you;
Sometimes your kiss takes my breath away
these are my name a few.

I love the sound of your laughter
I love to see you smile;
Sharing a part of my life with you...
in my heart we are together...
though we are separated by miles.
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16 Visitor Comments

Robert C.
Looking for a poem as an introduction for a speech at a wedding reception. This was GREAT.
Hi Judy, Thanks for sharing your poetry with us. My boyfriend in Australia (i am in south africa) sent me this poem. I was soooooooo touched. There is so much silly poetry and cliche's on the internet. Yours was real. I felt it. We will meet each other on the 17th Dec for the first time . . . thanks a whole lot. Love Joni
this is beautiful, just how i feel being parted from my man.
thank you.i know now that i'm not alone with my feelings. The person I love, whom I have ever loved, and I aren't seperated by miles. We are seperated at heart. I know your beautiful words are only a portiong of my my thoughts are clear.
this is great, fabulous. these are the words from you heart i shall treasure this.
This is a wonderful poem. This explains my feelings for my boyfriend who literally disappeared about a year ago..
i think your peom is great, exellent you must of spent alot of time with that poem, because you can tell its from the heart, and there the best poem when there from the heart.
Great Poem
good poem!
Very touching!
I have long since lost my true love and whene i read this poem it reminded me so much of her. I belive this is one of the best felt poems i have read in a long time. Thank you
That is awesome. It is exactly the way me and the guy that I like are. It is perfect and so beautiful. Thank you.
I like her work what can i say.
Very romantic...
This poem best describes the relationship between me and my love all tough she is 250/m away I still have all the memeoris of us being together, and most of all I love her...

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