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Love Poems (301-350)

  • by Pauline Hamblin
    When Life gets in the way of Love, and we're separated from that special someone, we have to find a way to maintain our courage and strength.
  • by Sheila Blair
    Love offers us many gifts, and the lovely poem is about just one of those…
  • by Vader
    The beautiful poem is about Love and Fear - two emotions that mix both endlessly and poorly.
  • by Sheila Blair
    Sometime the most beautiful Love, the most powerful Love, is the Love that remains unfulfilled. Except in our minds…
  • by Jason Powell
    Love can often accomplish what Life alone cannot.
  • by Osman Sheikh
    The delightful poem is a study in contrasts, with a flowing, elegant delivery. And a tribute to someone very special…
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    We all need reassurances from time to time, but maybe the best reassurance of all is a love that constant and strong.
  • by Sophia
    Forbidden Love is, in the end, still Love.
  • by Jennifer Bobrick
    Perhaps the most perfect Love of all, is the one we haven't yet found.
  • by Kris Conte
    This haunting poem speak of a dream, and Truth that is best found in sleep.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    A First Love is a very special thing, not easily forgotten. Even many, many years later…
  • by Jenn Hodges
    A poet's tools are not only words, but also the mind's eye. And this poet sees life and beauty with crystal clarity…

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  • by Nicole
    This is a delightful and short poem about the meaning of love.
  • by Total Y-mail
    In school, they teach us the three R's. It isn't until later we learn about the three, sometimes devastating L's.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    If Home is Where the Heart is, then maybe we only truly find it when we find someone to love.
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    Raising a family is hard work, and the cost is too often that feeling of romance. But it doesn't have to be that way…
  • by Judy Burnette
    This beautiful poem is about being close to the one you love. Even when you can't be there.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Is there a hidden cost to love?
  • by Christopher Gratias
    This poem is about a very common, but special, sensation. It's about the simple act of falling asleep. Together.
  • by Julie Jordan Scott
    Beautiful thoughts can often be expressed in very few words. Beautifully.
  • by Lara Gerard
    Second chances can be very rare. And very frightening.
  • by Harry Hatt
    When we think of romance, we think of new love. But it doesn't have to be that way. Sometimes marriage can be just as new.
  • by Judy Burnette
    In this world, we can't always be with the one we love. But we can in our minds.
  • by Je ' Free
    This poem offers us a very unusual - and beautiful - metaphor for the power of Love.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    True love is the only war in which both armies must surrender if they are to win.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    In the quiet of the night, the day's pressures and stress all disappear - when you are in the arms of the one you love.
  • by Dallas Fisher
    There are many ways to say it. You'll find few any more lovely or sincere than this way.
  • by Ryan Linquist
    Finding the courage to risk rejection isn't easy.
  • by Kantmadur
    When love is separated by vast distances, it's only normal to think of earlier, better times. And to hope…
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Is there any greater joy than simply growing old together? Is there any greater hope?
  • by Richardson Mary Beth
    This beautiful poem is about finding Love. And finding the courage to look for it.
  • by Kenneth Carmichael
    Some things are more important than others. And, sometimes, there's only one thing that's important at all.
  • by Kenneth Carmichael
    Even poets can find it difficult to speak words that cannot ever be fully spoken.
  • by Steve Forsythe
    In the realm of Love, distance is never a matter of miles. Whether you are nine inches or 900 miles apart, closeness is a matter of the heart.
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Love can be a very physical sensation. Even when it's mental.
  • by Lynn Squires
    When Einstein described to us the wonders of Time and Space, he left something out of his equations. Love can transcend both.
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Just being in the presence of the person you love can sometimes bring a miracle.
  • by Roche
    Finding the words to say I love you isn't always easy. Sometimes, the inspiration can come from the strangest places.
  • by Jeni French
    The reality of Love can sometimes be overshadowed by the dreams.
  • by Lacysoul
    It takes a brave person to pull another from the depths of self-imposed solitude. But the rewards can be worth the risk.
  • by Fairlady
    The beginnings of Love can be precious, as they change and mold our future.
  • by Kantmadur
    This is a haunting story within a story, of a weekend that was more than it seemed and will never be forgotten.
  • by Fred Hobbs
    Trust is precious and not always easily found. And, sometimes, forgiveness can be equally elusive.
  • by Brian Hudson
    Sometimes it's a struggle to keep love alive. And some people are willing to face that struggle, no matter the cost.
  • by Lady Arianna
    Can Love transcend time? Life? Does it really last forever?
  • by Soul
    As day passes into night, we make our prayers, our hopes for another day. Another day of love.
  • by Athena
    How do you tell someone what they mean to you? Very beautifully…
  • by Sheri
    This beautiful poem is about a woman who built walls around her heart, only to discover they weren't as solid as she thought. This poem will touch your heart and put a tear of joy in your eye.
  • by Alex
    Words are far more than sounds we hear or images we read. And some words, especially names, are a powerful force.
  • by J.B.
    This poem uses a very uncommon and beautiful metaphor to explore a very common situation in many marriages.
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