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Holidays can be a bitter sweet time especially if we are not with the one we love. Yet even if the miles separate us, memories can still keep us close and the best gift we can give anyone is the gift of ourselves.

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart
with you is where I want to be
Yet it seems our lives are complicated
for I am the one not free,

Yet the very best present
is the gift of one's self
I have given you a part of me
that has never belonged to anyone else.

So we can't be together this Christmas
yet our souls are not apart
for I have given you the best part of me
I have given you my heart.
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22 Visitor Comments

i thort it was very nice andd will be using it in my xmas card to my g/f as we have had a break up this year and the poem says it all
This was just the poem I was looking for. It was the first one I saw and it said what I was feeling based on the situation we are both in. Thank you! Merry Christams.
I am having a long distance relationship with someone. At this time a family memeber is sick, and he is there for her taking care of her. We wanted to be together for the Holidays, but that is not to be. But he has given me his heart, which is a very special gift. That is why this poem caught my attention. It is a very nice poem. Thank you for sharing it!
What a beautiful poem. This describes exactly how I feel and what me and my love talk about. Hopefully this will be our last xmas apart.
I absolutley know how this feels. And I love this poem so much! Thanks for sharing and keep up the work! Loves Christen
one of the sweetest poem I read.
very good
This poem captures everything to those people who are apart from loved ones, it is also poignant for those who have loved and lost, but continue to feel love for those who are now not part of their life. Sad but true.
aide (cherrylicius)
i love this poem it remmems me of my boyfriend i love him soo much i also love this poem but i love my boo more!
I vote this poem because the situation is exactly how I feel about my relationship with a man that I fell in love with. It's very touched poem. Melissa
my partner is in prison and i cant send him a present so i was lookining for a poem with perfect words just for him and this was the best i found
This poem was very meaningful and very relevant to my current circumstances and certainly did touch me.
this poem is very nice and i really liked it
This Poem is wonderful because it touches me so much. I have just fallen in love for the first time and cannot celebrate the joy of christmas with my friend.
hey i really liked your poem i wrote it down and gave it to my boyfriend and he liked it thank u so much KEEP IT UP!
This poem was excellent. my bf was in jail for messed up reasons n since i cant b with or. nor can i send him a gift i kno this poem will touch his heart like it did mine. and that will b a gift in itself keep up the good work. n thank you very much for helping me out
I have recently found the love of my life and we will be apart for christmas and this poem just says it all / thank you!
I really liked this poem. It put into writting what I had been trying to express to my husband, myself. I am very glad I found it.
this poem really touched home because this is my very situation this year. please keep me posted on more love and relationship based poems
i really like this peoms, because its true on my part. my botfriend is in iraq, an we can't be together this christmas. props to the writer
i think this poem is great and i like it very much

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