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Love Poems (201-250)

  • by Erin Elizabeth
    Every cloud has a silver lining - even those hot, humid, sultry nights when sleep is impossible to find.
  • by Julie Dean
    Whether you're holding your breath or waiting for a special day - Time is a very relative thing. Especially when you're in love.
  • by Tess Templer
    Sometimes love is like the life of a butterfly - short-lived and intense, but very beautiful.
  • by Thomas Michael Gabianelli
    Two people, one sleeping, one not, one dreaming, the other fantasizing…
  • by Tom Lacoy
    Distance is the bane of love. And the two, perhaps, are the mother of longing.
  • by Natalie H
    Emotions can be very confusing - especially love. Sometimes we continue to stay in situations that we simply cannot understand.
  • by Kevin Rose
    Sometimes, the need to say "I love you" becomes so intense we simply have to find a way…
  • by Christopher Sando
    Love, like the flower, requires care and time to grow.
  • by Rick Thompson
    This poem is a message from a husband to a wife. It's also an apology. And a promise.
  • by Ladycat
    The seasons change and, sometimes, so do hearts. But if you carry this metaphor a little further, you'll realize -- seasons always come again.
  • by Ashley Dickerson
    The beauty of a sunset can inspire thoughts of love, of beauty, of magical fantasies - and delightful poetry, too.
  • by Carrigan
    Two people in love. One must leave on a protracted journey. And all the questions begin…

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  • by Tom Perry
    Love is an emotion, right? But sometimes, it's simply a sensation…
  • by Cinnamon
    There are few things that can so completely, utterly change your life in a single heartbeat - but Love can.
  • by Jessica
    We all deserve to be loved. And, whether we admit it or not, we all want it, too.
  • by Roche
    We often want to give more than we're able. And maybe it's the "want" that is all that's really important.
  • by Judy Burnette
    If we can but remember, then Love will never be far away.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Old love, new love, the symbol of the rose - all bound by the words of a helpful poet.
  • by Rakel B.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder - and builds dreams of when it is no longer necessary.
  • by Pegasus
    Take equal measures of magic and beauty, mix well, and you have a perfect recipe for Love.
  • by Lindsey Z.
    Does love ever really go away? Or does it just hide for a time, waiting for but an opportunity to make itself known again?
  • by Judy Burnette
    When we are very, very lucky we experience special days - with a special someone - that can last a lifetime.
  • by Mariah G. Faulkner
    We should all take a lesson from this poet... Remember... to say "I love you"...
  • by Allison Leigh
    You know when you are in love because you love every little thing about your partner.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Any one who has ever been in love knows the experience: Of making love, without ever touching.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Looking for the perfect gift?
  • by Angela Bolwin
    We should all believe in miracles, and have the courage and strength to ask for ours.
  • by Ladycat
    This poet has found the "love" of her life; and she was wise enough to embrace it and hold on to it when she saw it...
  • by James Bowie
    Remembering the beginnings is often a good way to appreciate the now…
  • by Dee
    Sharing our feelings with each other can sometimes be difficult, but it's a very important part of a successful relationship.
  • by Drago7908
    Love is very POWERFUL, it makes us feel, hear, and see things through our hearts and through our faith.
  • by Karen Gorringe
    Imagine being in love - and standing on the beach - alone with that one special person - looking out at the sea together...
  • by Kayn
    To be afraid to love is a travesty. We must allow ourselves to feel it when it's there for us, as difficult as it might be...
  • by Randall Beers
    This poem describes the author's attempt to avoid a new relationship. In the end, he learned - as we all do - that he was powerless over love...
  • by Sea_of_okc
    Passion is an intense emotion that has the same effect upon us whether our loved one is near or far...
  • by Sea_of_okc
    There's nothing like the excitement of a new relationship to inspire a poet to write exceptional poetry about love.
  • by Brandon Dial
    We oftentimes don't truly appreciate how precious love it until it's lost to us. But maybe that makes it even more special when it comes back.
  • by Batgirl
    Most of us dream of the past. Some few have the courage to dream of a future.
  • by Luminosity
    When problems arise and doubts surface, the only possible solution is to talk about it.
  • by Kindrdspirit
    Often we find ourselves thinking we are in love, but when we say those words it can tear our lives apart. Then we find "The Real Thing".
  • by Douglas Smith
    To be visited by an angel is an experience to remember for a lifetime.
  • by Pink Zoe
    It's been said we don't know what we have until we lose it. But sometimes, we don't know what we were missing until we find it.
  • by Kerri Souza
    The day we get married is perhaps the most special and memorable day of our lives.
  • by Lindsay Huffman
    It's amazing what emotions one picture of the face you love will bring to the surface.
  • by Jennifer
    It's true - time and love have little acknowledgment of each other.
  • by Josh Kramer
    Beauty and wisdom don't always come from experience. Sometimes, they are the result of deep-felt fantasy.
  • by Travis
    Imagine for a moment the world's most perfect love. Now - would that perfect person be able to love imperfect you?
  • by Dan Peeper
    The heart is where feelings begin. But, it shouldn't be where they end.
  • by Pink Zoe
    When we can't be with the one we love, we have to settle for dreams. And the hope those dreams will one day come true.
  • by Jaime Hickman
    When life and love are perfect, it's only human to want it to last.
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