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This poem is about making wrong choices in love and relationships and building walls. Its also about opening up and seeing that someone loving and caring IS there.

In Love Of Michael

I constructed my walls, my fortress
With much thought, brick by brick.
Each one carefully placed there.
Each one with such absolute purpose.

This was a life long achievement. A mastery.
Not something constructed over night.
No windows. No doors. Just seclusion.
A place for protection of the heart.

The mortar in place to hold each brick
Ever so tight. So that no one could enter
This fortress so securely sealed.
How proud I was of my creation.

With each encounter, with each poor judgement
The walls grew thicker. The soul shrank.
The darkness enveloped me, covering me
In my delusions, I was happy.

Until I could not see at all, just darkness.
Who's at my wall? Who could it be?
Did I even care? Did I even feel?
I am numb. Even to myself.

Someone stood fast. Waiting patiently.
When I turned around, a simple smile.
Wanting nothing, just a friend.
But why me, I'd ask.. What do you see?

In my pain, there appeared light.
In my folly, there was hope.
In my sorrow, he brought joy.
The darkness reclaimed the bright.

So how did he get here? And who let him in?
No one is supposed to be here!
No one is to see my heart. It's hidden.
I am scared! I stand waiting and wondering.

But Michael wanted nothing of me.
He just loved me, without return.
He just cared, without demands.
He was just there, carrying a glimmer of hope.

How could that be, I'd laugh.
And what does he want of me?
Nothing? How so? How can that be? It can't be me!
A smile, nothing more, was his Key.

So how could I not fall in love?
How could I help my soul?
It cried out for him. How could I not hear?
For I was lost and searching all my life, you see.

I fought the fight and lost. My fortress crumbled.
It surrendered to his kindness. I fell into his soul.
I felt his love swallow me whole. I am complete.
I step from behind my walls and into Michael's light!
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10 Visitor Comments

my wall is closing in on me, thank you for the inspiration to love fully from now on
This poem has alot of meaning to me as well as others. I have just ment a man named Michael and he too has crumbled the walls I had put up after a long hurtfull relationship. This poem has made tears come to my eyes. It is very very good. CONGRATULATIONS!
This poem really hit home because I too had my wall up for many years. Wonderful work!
Thanks soo much for this poem:) It`s almost like how I feel. I hope That I am emmerging from my walls. lol. It`s hard. I question my heart, whether or not I can truly trust it. I hope I have met my Micheal!only time will tell. :) Ty for this poem. I sent it to a poet,that we have become friends. I have to search for a poem to share:) while he sends real nice ones he writes:) poems I think do tend to heal. I forgot how much I enjoyed them:)
Hey, that's exactly what I'm going through, just that she's still behind her wall. Pray for me!
I loved this poem because it described my best friend and her soul mate! :)
This poem was beautiful and I think that it tells the story of many hearts and really this is the story of how true love is formed. I brought me to tears thinking about my own life encounters even more so as my boyfriends name is Michael and it just made it so much more personal. A credit to the author.
great poem. hit the heart
This rings so true to my life. I shared it with my own Michael *S*. The description of the "wall" was so very well worded.
I LOVED YOUR POEM!! it was So great! and it is so true for alot of girls! they build that brick wall, and they let love pass them by! it almost happened to me, but i realized i was being selfish and should give him a chance! and now i love him more than anything!i dont know what i'd do without him!!

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