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This is an attempt to explain to my wife how I felt about her when we first met. I still love her, even more so now with our little girl having just arrived.

Another Life

In another life, with the fall leaves scattering their myriad
of beautiful colors on the path before us, I held your
softly loving hand as we rode in a worn horse drawn
carriage through a gray cedar shingled covered bridge
spanning the stream where we first kissed.
I recall the afternoon sun catching the auburn highlights
in your long curly hair that was whipped lightly by the
cool autumn breezes, which caused you to cling
to me for warmth, cuddling against my neck so that
I could feel the puffs of your sweet exhalations.
With you by my side, I always felt that anything
was possible, and that no matter what boundaries
were thrown up before us, I knew that I could
always count on your love for me to drive away
my worries and comfort me in times of distress.
As an aging couple we still took the carriage rides
in late autumn, never forsaking the love or friendship
that had blossomed over the passing years and beyond
anything we had ever dreamed, becoming one
in the heart, the mind, and the soul.
When we met three years ago, this is the feeling that I had
for me to love you so soon, our love must have come before
under the blue skies of the past, where we still love
one another, watching the brilliant leaves tumbling
from the trees and floating quietly to the ground.
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