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When one finds true love, it's hard to forget about it. And one shouldn't forget about it, for love is the greatest thing that can be felt. When one really loves someone it seems like the night has turned suddenly into day, and the feeling of love is the sun that just rose from the horizon.

No not the sun, brighter than the sun. You can truly love only one soul, and when it leaves, even if for a while, the day becomes night again, only full of hopeful stars.

To A Guide

When the night
quietly knocks on my window
And my head becomes heavy,
ready for dreams
I look out at the sky
just to see one more evening
Plant into dark
glittering seeds
And I hope that tomorrow
will bring me the treasure
That you'll hear my cry
and answer my call
For I need you
I long for you to be nearer
And tell me that I won't be ever alone.

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