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This poem is dark. As dark as I feel sometimes. Its about a lover I dream of sometimes at night when I am lonely. But that's all it is. A dream that will never come true. that is why he is called dream lover.

Dark Angel

Dream lover.
like a dark angel
fallen from the sky
looming over me.
Offer me an inviting hand
Let me reach out to you.
I can feel it...
The warmth you radiate
in you
only in you.
We embrace passionately
and melt into each others arms
Even the darkest moments
feel like heavens come alive
my cares take to flight
my heart starts to soar
when I hear you whisper the words,
"I need you...."
I know its true
for I need you too my love.
Two souls become one
In a realm no one can venture
Dark angel
my sweet dark angel
tell me you will stay
give me your fatal silver kiss,
And let me be with you
in the immortal coil of love

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4 Visitor Comments

Love this poem thank you for sharing it.
To me this poem shows that not all love is safe. Love can be darker than the night, yet it is still love. A dark passion no one can distroy. A dark passion that consumes thet outside world, until only the two of you are left. Like i said not all love is safe. Love can be dark.
This pome is really deap and i think its the best one off this page i have read so far! Awsome pome vary well writen and vary moody!love it!
That was a great poem. It describes just how I feel about my boyfriend!

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