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My grandmother always said I was an old soul, This poem is based on something I have never known, but know I shall one day find. To all those who believe in love....this is it!

Timeless Passion

Did you ever dream of someone
Who was so familiar yet unknown to you?
Every night you close your eyes you dream
Of years long gone by.
You can't explain the joy you feel every night
When you know he will be there.
You hear a man call your name,
Yet it isn't yours.
You call him by a name unknown to you
Yet so familiar.
If you love completely and unselfishly,
You will meet again.
Your souls will search for eternity
Until they unite once more.
The love of two so strong will never die
But will become a Timeless Passion.
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5 Visitor Comments

hey lynn its katie i didnt know you wrote poetry i really liked this poem it describes that dream guy every girl dreams about i really liked it and i hope that i could read somemore of your poems. love always katie
I love this poem it touched me this is so ironic because i did dream about a person that i never seen in my life. Then the next day I see the person in my dream I start to cry because me and this person were in love in my dream. I dont know what to do. And I found out this person lives in a different province than me ??? soo yeah . this poem really touched me
Thank you. This has really touched my heart!
This is some kind of feelings that i have in my are right Lynn, someday in someway, we'll meet Mr. Right who will really appreciate us!!!

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