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This is a poem that I wrote one night when I was lonely but thinking of a strong, beautiful love that I hope to find. Love is everything - every emotion you can imagine can come from love. In this poem I tried to describe what the feeling of being truly in love with someone else is like.

Forever This Way

Lover, take me away from here,
To a far away place.
Let us wander.
In your arms I'll stay,
within the safety and warmth.
We'll be forever this way.

Lover, let me fall into you,
Let all my worries fade away
as you hold me.
And I will pray,
whispering to God,
"Please let us stay forever this way."

Lover, let's wake up before sunrise
and dance in the dim light.
"I love you! ", I say,
and you smile and reply,
"I'll love you forever this way."

Lover, bring me red roses
in a nice, pretty vase,
and we'll talk about nothing
'till the end of the day.
Our souls will say to each other,
"We shall be together forever this way."
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9 Visitor Comments

wow! is all i have to say
i love your poem. it was well written and very easy to compare to . well done!
Really the love of poet is feeling of mine, Rather it is clove,I feel like globe in the sence of love and in accounts of nine, Truely it touches both spirit and mind of mine.
secret admirer
your poem touched me and your website made me cry.
wow this is cute.. i like it alot..
I read this poem and cried! I sent it to my fiance'
It's real life and natural!!!!!
It is sometimes so difficult to express feelings to someone face to face....but your poem says it quite well, i just hope that you use those fellings for joy and not loss or depression. =]

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