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When my marriage of all most 20 years ended, so did trust and faith. I had grown very cold with the passing of time. I did date, but no one could penetrate the Ice wall that I had unintentionally and unknowingly surrounded myself with.

I found comforting warmth (it seemed to me)in a very unlikely place, My church choir! A very tall handsome tenor is slowly warming my heart with his song. Melting this cold cold wall, and perhaps restoring my soul to the possibilities of truth and trust once more.

I am not a writer, but sometimes Love can bring out some of the finer aspects of our being!


Should I question this feeling?

A concupiscence, that if unleashed, would
Put mere thunder to shame,
A feeling that transcends any before!
Do I dare contemplate its meaning?
To gaze upon it, would be to acknowledge
A potential of acceptance.

Should I believe in the dreams?
Receive the possibilities,
Give in to the temptation?
Is it possible for old scars to heal?
To become once more,
Sound in body and soul?

Would the exploration of the answer,
Lead us to greater awareness?
Open our eyes to a tremendous
God given gift, that has been,
Perhaps, just beyond our grasp?

Can separate entities really be integrated?
Become one, as in days of old?
That would, indeed, be an
Awesome thing to behold!

What if I were to share these meditations with you?
Could you also be excepting in the potential?
Would you be open to explore the significance
of such a tremendous treasure!
What if my ramblings are injurious to the concept
of further investigation?

Would then the potential be lost to chance?
This is a risk I am willing to take,
The possibility of becoming,
once again, a believer in Love and truth
is worth any adversity that this exposition
of my inner self could reveal!
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