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It's the first poem I ever wrote and I dedicate it to my ex- girlfriend who brought revolutionary changes in my life. It starts by saying that every single individual has a desire to be loved physically and emotionally, but in some concealed corner of your heart there is some guilt hidden about the desires of that physical involvement. Now the poet says that he too falls in that category and is staggering and lurking and would very soon fall down if somebody (a lover) doesn't help him out. There is a contrast between the beginning and the end. In the beginning the poet is about to fall down but at the end some beautiful woman helps him out and he gratifies his desires and his urges through her and she is the one who in the end directs his stroll and saves him from lurking staggering and falling down. Between the first and the last stanza there is a description about the beauty, desires and the impact she leaves on the poet.

Yes, She Was The One

Familiar and guilty of desire
We make efforts for love.
I too became a prey
To the imageries of this unvanishing
And sensational blessing. I envied the lovers
But loved the feelings like a burning moth
Until one day I realized that I am one of these
Moths staggering around the burning shadows
Of her existence.

Yes, she was the one
The one with a tender smile
Resting so light on lips.
The one with deep eyes
Drowning me in the seas of passion.
The one with desperate cries
Begging for some ties of love.
The one with imaginations so high
Taking me away in the cool blue skies.

Yes, she was the one
Charmed I was
With her dignified expressions
Floored I was
By her regal presence.
Charged I was
With her youthful exuberance
Drowned I was
In her floral fragrance.

Yes, she was the one
Who gratified my urges
Who gratified my soul
Who saved my life
And directed my stroll.
Yes! she was the one... . . .
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The guy is a as amazing as the poem itself
That's true. Sometimes boys don't know when they have a true love next to them, they don't realize it. only when it's done.

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