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This was written after I was awakened one beautiful morning by the longing I felt for the one I love, who had been in my space, but now was miles away . . .

Funny how one is not aware of their spaces at times until they've been filled . . .


Before the air had knowledge of you
The molecules had their own special dance,
Breaking into waves by the path of my walk,
Settling into small pools as I sat in a chair to read.

Before, the room was a certain size,
Adequate for myself and at times, a little too quiet
A little too lacking.

Now, the air has been shifted and changed.
You came, you filled, you moved
The molecules into chaos, they not knowing now
Where to dance, where to rest, where to go.
You stretched out the boundaries of my markers,
Expanded my land and increased the knowledge
Of my spaces and how badly they need to be filled.

And after you left, I was left with spaces that were
Too big for me to fill anymore on my own.
The space next to me as I sleep now has
Your name written on it.
My living room begs to have your long legs
Walking through it,
And the space in my heart cries out your name.

My body wonders when the space within
will be filled again by your touch, your taste,
your sight, your sound, your scent.

Before I did not know how much I lacked
Until the air knew your name.
And it whispered your name to me over and over into the night.
As I pondered you
In my space.

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5 Visitor Comments

This was simply beautiful. Also as I am reading it I can feel your every word. Thank you for sharing it with me
VERY good poem!! It really makes you think, and it makes you feel the emptiness in the author's heart. I can totally relate.
this is so sweet
Pink Zoe, I totally understand where your coming from! Have you been reading my mind or something?!

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