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My poem is basically what I'm feeling right now. I wrote it in my math class because all I could think is this girl that I'm with. It describes what I think the feeling of love is, or at least what one might go through when they experience love. It also says how precious love is. That's all I could really say about it, just something a sophomore in high school thought up.


Love is like a peace
on a calm summers eve.
All of nature's beauty,
such beauty I can see.

But if this rose of beauty
hasn't any sun,
the peace of love will die,
will die way too young.

Everyone has a chance
to feel this gentle bliss,
to see a quiet sunset,
to feel a tender kiss.

If one does experience
this feeling from above,
than they'll truly know,
know that they're in love.
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16 Visitor Comments

wow!love is woderfull!once you are in love with someone you really have to feel this feeling from these word by josh kramer
the poem is sweet it had me hanging on every word to the end
i love this poem keep up the good work
Every one have a feeling that they want to descibe but they don't know how. If u keep writting, u help their feelings. :)
Your poem was really nice it was a cute poem in a good way. keep writing
that was unreal, its so real and from the heart, it shows exacly how u feel and what its like. i wish i could write poetry as beautiful as that. :)
it is an excellent poem i gave it to my boyfriend and he started to cry. it touched my heart as well as all my friends and my one true love my boyfriend.
this poem is wonderful!I enjoyed reading! u seem kinda like me i love to write poems this poem just caught my eye, it sseemed like someting i would write! But i would like to tell you keep up the great work! its wonderful!
This is a very beautiful poems. I am very interested in poerty! I used to be able to write about love and friendship but lately i haven't so I really enjoy looking at others. But good job! Awesome poem!
I loved your poem that was really sweet and really cute
This poem is real beautiful every word is true becasue i have felt that
Just Wonderful!
You have said it all in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your poem.
I liked this poem you wrote. I thought it was well written. Good Job.
I just wanted to say that the poem really touch me and the way that I felt.
Mr. Kramer I fail in Love with my husband 21 years ago and sometimes it feel just like we meet when we where teens having all the dreams. I love poerty with all my heart and he knows that when I send him little love notes. So keep up the Great work! J.M. McDonald

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