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Love can be found in many different places. Where the ocean meets the shore must be the most romantic place to find love.

The Ocean Of Love

She stands by the ocean - hands by her sides,
watching the coming and going of tides;
watching the gulls as they hover above,
watching a man hold the hand of his love.
Watching the yachts as they head to the shore,
she longs to not be alone any more.
She takes off her socks and she takes off her shoes;
she takes a deep breath and she stares at the moon.
Then, from the corner of her eye, he catches her sight;
she picks up her things and walks into the night.
Yes, it's him that she sees with his hands by his side,
watching the coming and going of tides.
In so many dreams she'd seen that very face,
in all of her dreams, standing in that very place.
She walks over to him, and they stand hand in hand;
For that moment alone in the soft, cold, white sand,
He says, "I knew you'd be here." She says, "I knew you'd come."
Then they stand there in silence and wait for the sun.
Now neither are alone and no more being afraid,
For tonight by the ocean true love may be made.

Some people walk the beach when they want to be alone,
Some search for seashells and others for stones.
Some look for comfort and for a hand to hold,
Like this man and this woman; it's worth more than gold.

So, if at night you walk alone, along the sandy shore,
May a new love take you by the hand and lead you to love's door.
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2 Visitor Comments

I was looking for a poem for my beach wedding and really love this!
This is a very good poem i love it and it is so true i am one of the ones who walk along the sandy beaches when i wanto to be alone looking for someone to show me true love and i think i may have found the one who shows me true love

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